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PROVOKING Free Thinking....with a Little MythBusting





Early on during the Barbary Coast Wars, Congress pronounced that America has no enmity toward the Mussulman (Muslims.) Of course, the Muslims had plenty of enmity toward America and everyone else they came in contact with, broke every treaty they had signed, and continued the war for another 70 years that America later firmly put down. America had six frigates, Old Ironsides being one, a bunch of Greek mercenaries, six Marines who commanded each ship, and one self-styled and very drunk American admiral who would never think that American Exceptionalism was only in Barack Obama's  nightmares, or that success against all odds was not only achievable but a certainty.


Meanwhile, with ONLY 600 warships the Brits had mustered, the French likewise, altogether over 2000 counting the Portuguese and Spanish armadas, those nations combined could never put a stop to Muslim Supremacism, but rather, they continued to bow and scrape their way through history and pay tribute. As they do today, they did then: the Brits are Dhimmis. So is the rest of Europe. Inferiors of the Western world, a sub-class citizenship imposed on them by the Muslim World and Sharia. Look at pathetic Europe now as the Jews flee Malmo, Sweden, Norway, the Netherlands and France, former havens for freedom and tolerance.


John Adams became the second president of the United States in 1797, but many years earlier declared America's peace treaty with Islam, voted on by the Congress, which stated clearly that America was not "in any sense" founded as a Christian Nation on Christian principles. Later documents by other statesmen supported Adams' interpretation. Adams was considered the most influential of the Founders.


Question: Was Obama technically correct when he repeated the same verdict to the world? Of course he was.






The Founders, devout Christians all, may have believed as some have written, that Divine Providence provided them with the wisdom and courage to take America on a course DIFFERENT from the Europeans' creating nation states BASED on religious beliefs and ruling from religious beliefs. The Founders may have asked the Divine for protection and wisdom to rule successfully. In contrast, Europe's nations were beholden to a religious higher authority of one kind or another. Even the kings bowed to Rome or some "supreme" entity who ruled by fiat.


Rather than accepting the old caste system, the Founding Fathers unilaterally rejected religion as America's supreme law, yet took the basis for The People's Rights from Mosaic Law and so stated it. There was very little debate over the role of religion in the drafting of the Founding Documents.


Moreover, a goodly number of the Founders read the Hebrew Law in the original text and understood the hidden (to those who could not read Hebrew) meaning - and the deeper consequences for humanity and the job ahead while drafting the US Constitution.


Most importantly, the Founders rejected the religious underpinning for the Supreme Law of the Nation, period.  And with the ongoing war in the Med, were he alive back then, Donald Rumsfeld, a man with an historical sense, might remind the early America of what's ahead:


"A Long Hard Slog!"


Which is exactly where America finds itself today.


America refused to bow to the Muslims of Africa and the Orient. Instead it soundly defeated them.


No more bowing and scraping.

So what has changed since?


Today the president of the United States bows to anyone including the King of Saudi Arabia.


For a barrel of oil.






JEWS WERE WRONG - They'd Rather that God had Chosen Some Other People


Jews are NOT The Chosen People and never were. If they were The Chosen, then Hitler and other mass murderers, and not God, chose them.


According to the texts, Pharaoh "hardened his heart." Why didn't he soften his heart instead, or choose some other people? By hardening his heart Pharaoh subjected the Jews to centuries of slavery under brutal conditions. Later a series of other monsters with hardened hearts put the Jews through Hell far worse. To suggest that God CHOSE the Jews for this kind of treatment is an inversi0n of Jewish history and teaching. It is the reason why some Jews left their religion and became liberals...because the same liberal Jews today don't feel anything for Israel anyhow (or America for that matter), and have neither an affinity for one nor loyalty to the other.


These Jews, lacking any knowledge of their own history and destiny, have REPLACED their Judaism with the religion of Liberalism, ObaMaoism, and World Citizenism. Even Palestinianism...another invention to benefit An Invented People.


As for those gutless cowards who hated the Jews through time immemorial, they always had hardened hearts. They were, in other words, heartless and mindless and hated the whole of humanity. They just took their own lack of self-esteem and historical ignorance out on the Jews.


But still, they remain the cowards they always were, thugs and schoolyard bullies filled with ancient superstitions.


Too bad - for them that is - that today's Jews are tougher and smarter than they, eh?


Paganism was heartless. Religions based on Paganism are both heart and soulless.


Judaism was the answer to Paganism.


And to superstition.


Superstition that held mankind down, enslaved, and stupid.


Many Jews and Christians think that the Jew's insistence that they are different or "better" (The Chosen People), was instrumental in the racial hatred directed at them - and much has been written about the subject. Usually, in a hostile and defaming context. Even if none of it were true.


First, the Jews are not a race. They are a people of many races. Second, the Jews don't think they are better. Third, some Jews may think they are different, others don't. Some Christians also think Christians are "different" or "better." Fourth, the story of The Chosen was rendered topsy-turvy by these same ignoramuses who are consumed with their own low self-esteem and have no lives, to prop-up their own supremacist beliefs and agendas they surely provided us with the classic case of the kettle calling the pot black.


The supremacists called the Jews 'supremacists' based on their own fabrications and cynical interpretation of The Chosen. Put another way, the insubstantial and useless, as usual, are trying to take down the substantial and the productive.


According to the better informed and historically accurate, THE JEWS CHOSE GOD.


Not the other way 'round.


Lastly, Jews are different only in their free thinking ways in the same sense that America's Founding was different. The Founders established America's destiny not in G-d's image, but their own world view based in progressive principles, ideas, and laws to secure liberties and human rights from what existed in other nation-states.


We call the Founder's creation THE AMERICAN EXPERIMENT.


The Jew's ability (to reuse that outworn cliche), was to Think Outside the Box. They always had to, otherwise they'd be boxed in by those who couldn't think for themselves and by those who would box them in.


The fact is, the Jew-haters through 3000 years failed to box the Jews in, and they are failing to do it today.


Besides, most of them are dead and even their memories are gone.


And that, is all that makes the Jews ''different" enough to have created the Jewish Exceptionalism we see around us -- the documented super-normal creativity and productivity of the Jews -- who in fact, made it possible for you to read this essay and distribute it to your friends.


Say what you will about the Jews, but not every college kid can create a FACEBOOK or invent the GPS and the transistor. And not every beauty queen and famous actress can invent the technology to make possible the radar, wi-fi, and the cell phone in one swell swoop. In fact, a Jewish beauty queen and actress has achieved exactly that, on her own, while working in film. She was a Free Thinker, she was exceptional, and no, her name was not Lindsey Lohan or some other ditz. Do you know her name?


America's Founding Fathers were Free Thinkers. A free thinker is any person of any religion, philosophy, political and economic persuasion, or no religion or politics at all. Free Thinking America resulted in the American Exceptionalism that created a higher quality of life for most Americans and much of the world.


Let's think about that more freely henceforth.





CHRISTIANS WERE WRONG - They failed to read the FINE PRINT


Heaven is not reserved for Christians only, no matter how many times that ignorant and unprovable mantra is repeated, and no matter who repeated it. 


To continue to assert silly stuff such as that is to assert one's ignorance about Christianity itself and deny the history of Christianity - which is science. Religion is faith; history is science. It is asserting a belief in a false Christian Supremacy (Christ chose us Christians for Paradise and the rest can go to Hell), that is no better than the wrongs done from the disingenous understanding of The Chosen...or what Adolf Hitler actually believed.


Muslims also think that Mohammed chose them for Paradise too - they know it! - and if you're a non-believer, an Infidel, you will rot in hell. The kind of Christianity that believes likewise is a Replacement Religion Christianity, and the misapplication of any of these religions has resulted in the murder of millions.


Think about the dogma of all three religions. We were all CHOSEN, weren't we?


Now if we were all CHOSEN, we have a problem. Don't we?


Jesus was born, lived and died a Jew. His brothers, sisters, relatives, friends and associates were all Jews - every single one of them. Jesus preached Judaism during his Mission, not Christianity, because Judaism is all he knew. Jesus never converted to any other religion and never heard of Christianity. He never believed that he was anything other than a Jew. Whenever he said that believers will find "Redemption through Me," in Jesus' time the meaning of "ME" as used in the OLD TESTAMENT was in the Third Person. In other words, there's a distinction between ME and me; and HE and he. That distinction is what divides man from the Divine. The created from THE CREATOR.


(See THE GUARDIAN article covering this issue at the end of this.)


Arguably Jesus may have been speaking about, not for, God. However, like most followers of one or another faith, Jesus too, was Chosen.


Chosen to suffer. But not because of, or by the Jews.


Steeped in Judaic legalese (Judaism being a religion based in law and legalisms) Jesus must have read the fine print. His followers may not have.


It is inconceivable Jesus would exclude his own blood from the Rapture. Au contraire, he might exclude those NOT of his blood who had replaced his native faith by disenfranchising Jesus' parents, brothers and sisters and the people he loved. In other words, those who insist on Christianity being the only path to heaven have made a choice too. They chose a REPLACEMENT RELIGION instead  of Christianity. Steeped in the legalisms of his Jewish faith, today Jesus might say, now that readers better understand his thinking, what lawyers would certainly say to those whom they are about to sue unless they changed their behavior ASAP:








Accordingly, this essay is not a discussion on or of religion. I leave that to the clergy, none of whom know what they're talking about because they have not read the fine print.


This essay has an ulterior motive. An historical one. History is what is. A story can be anything the storyteller wishes to make it. A story is a narrative. History is documentation.






HITLER WASN'T WRONG IN HIS MIND - and what a mind!


Contrary to popular opinion, Hitler was not an atheist.
No matter how many times certain people deny the facts...
...to cover up and distract from Hitler's association with their religion.

Hitler was a firm believer in Christianity.

He actually believed he was defending himself from the Jews.
In the context of whom Hitler feared, most Jews in Hitler's time were common folk.
Tailors, shoemakers, butchers and grocers, small business owners, traders and farmers. Hospitable, gentle and kind people from the time of Abraham, the Abram who left all four sides of his tent open to welcome visitors from afar and washed their feet with his own hands.


Does this story sound familiar?

Seems Hitler had a lot to fear.

Every Jew in Germany lived peaceful lives, were unarmed and threatened no one.
Hitler fearing the local seamstress or saddle maker is like my fearing that Paris Hilton will jump my bones the next time we bump into each other. And she will.


Hitler's Judeophobia was pure delusional paranoia BASED IN RELIGION.

Religiously-inspired hate. Religiously-inspired FEAR.
Hitler was a Christian Fanatic and a Christian SUPREMACIST.
He was, naturally, allied with MUSLIM SUPREMACISTS!


Muslim supremacists WHO?


Google "The Mufti of Jerusalem."


The Mufti was Yasser Arafat's uncle and mentor.

The Egyptian, not Palestinian Yasser Arafat.


Egyptian? Well, yes.

There is no such thing as an Arab Palestinian Peoplehood or a Palestinian Nation:









A Christian Europe is responsible for the murder of six million Jews.



Fanatics of any kind are a problem for humanity and to themselves.
Hitler wasn't wrong. He was nuts.
When one doesn't know right from wrong...there is no wrong.
There is, however, evil. Hitler wasn't wrong.

He was EVIL. And a fanatic. And not a genuine Christian by any means.


GENUINE Christians fought against Hitler as they fight Islamofascism today.





EINSTEIN WAS WRONG - because he didn't add up the numbers...


EINSTEIN recognized that he has an affinity with the Jewish People and says:
"I cannot see anything 'chosen' about them."

Even though, Einstein, by his own example, seems to belie his own words?


Einstein says 'The Jews are no better than other people'... and he may be correct.


Or not.


Anyhow, what does "better" mean? More accomplished? They have more money? Smarter? Not really.

I say, Einstein is no smarter than other men.
America is no better than Russia.
Israel is no better than Egypt.
Paris Hilton is not prettier than Rosie O'Donnell....
And Dennis Rodman is not a better basketball player than Danny DeVito.

Besides, all steaks taste the same and McDonald has the best grub this side of Paris.


Einstein only proved to this American Thinker that the brightest of men can be undone by ultraliberal thinking. Ultraliberal thinking, much of what goes for domestic  Jewish poltics, is the belief in what isn't so.

What Einstein wrote about God and religion in general, denying both in the conventional sense, is the dichotomy of his life, for it, and science and law, is pretty much why Judaism was created in the first place:

To Divorce Mankind from Superstition and the Cult of Death.


To Rid Mankind's reliance on Unintelligent Superstition that was the core of the Pagan World.


NEXT: Were John Adams and Barack Obama wrong about America not being a Christian Nation?


No, they were correct because they knew that mostly all of the above is true and factual -- and you are hearing it from a genuine conservative.


You see, the reasoning might go like this: If a Christian author scripted a book about governance, would you consider the book Christian, meant only to govern Christians (or another people governed) by Christians? What if the Christian author wrote a book about science? Do the Laws of Physics apply only to Christians or the rest of this planet? If a Jew skied down the mountain with the Moral Code for mankind, was that CODE meant only for Jews or does it have a useful purpose for others? By the way what Moral Code was Jesus teaching, the Christian or Jewish moral code?


When Christ gave The Sermon on the Mount, to whom did he sermonize?

After all, other than some foreign visitors passing through, there were ONLY Jews living in the rural communities where Jesus traveled. One testament to this FACT is the synagogue at Capernaum right next to Peter's home where Paul, Jesus and Peter regularly worshiped.


Is the Theory of Relativity from a Jewish physicist a Jewish idea or is it science meant for all mankind independent of the theory's creator? Are Isaac Newton's discoveries, from the brilliant mind of a very devout Christian who wrote much about Christianity too, Christian discoveries?


Is algebra a Muslim invention?

It is, and they can keep it! Aggravated the heck out of me in high.


The bottom line to all this is not that we should fail to recognize who did what, or we should deny noting the religious sentiment of an historical figure, but that history itself IS science that can be proved objectively. And history - not taught in America's schools - is a chief component of modern culture and cultural identity. History, science, and culture have a great impact on what we think, believe, and what we do - and most importatntly, what we accomplish as human beings and nations.


History provides us with tools: objective rulers by which we can value and measure the performance of economic theories and ideas like socialism, communism, Nazism and every other ism you can think of. You can determine if any ism built a better world for mankind, or resulted in incredible disaster.








History provides us with OBJECTIVE measures to value a culture, a civilization, a group of people and even a single individual by what they/he/she has contributed to the welfare and betterment of mankind. And I say, only those who have contributed little or nothing will object to the defining of this objective reality as stated here...as they are likely to object to anything that proves their world view wrong.


Ask Hedy Lamarr, widely considered the world's most beautiful woman of her time...

...and she can tell you all you need to know about spread-spectrum technology - even if you had never heard of it. Spread-spectrum technology is what makes radar, WiFi and your cell phone a reality.


It all happened because she was an Exceptional Astro-Hungarian who became an Exceptional American who gave this Exceptional American Nation, and the entire world too, far more than George Soros, Barack Obama, or Ron Paul ever have or ever will.




We have an idea how much Soros and Barry are worth. How much would you say Hedy Lamarr would be worth in 2012 US Dollars?



I am sure to get a lot of very interesting comments on this essay...


Many from fanatics who, alike Obama-bots and PAUL-bots (the PAULestinians - two sides of the same coin), will surely be resistant to facts, being highly inebriated and brainwashed on unsubstantiated  beliefs, myths and replacement religions of various kind, the alternate reality in which they live their lives.


Which brings me back to what MythBuster Pat Condell said:

The truth can sound like an insult when you're not used to hearing it.


But the good new is, thanks to technology and the Internet, you will be hearing more of it.


PEACE, if you can get it!









Jesus was a Jew. Everyone knows that, don't they? Well, it would seem that they do and they don't. It is certainly not the view of most Christians, nor is it common knowledge among atheists or even Jews, that Jesus was to the brim a Jew, not incidentally or as a matter of temporal accident a Jew, not, in Jonathan Miller's joke, Jewish, but a Jew by faith...




It is a question of the deepest interest, how Christians have been able to maintain two parallel but entirely contradictory attitudes to Jews. The one, as described above, the effect of which has been to remove Jews from the sphere of the human altogether. The other, full of piety and respect, expressed in reverence for the Jewish Bible, in tender pilgrimages to the Jewish places of Jesus's birth and upbringing, and even, in some quarters, in the fond adoption of Old Testament names for their offspring. The mind is a wonderful thing, capable (when it chooses) of entertaining apparently irreconcilable emotions. In this case, it is as though Christians simultaneously know and don't know that Jesus was Jewish, but in order for the not knowing to win supremacy over the knowing they have had to do mental violence to themselves, of which the collateral victims have been the Jews.