Beginning Of PHP
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Beginning Of PHP
Learn PHP Very Easy Manner WIth Watching Screen Shots and Reading What Its Contain In Screenshots. Now ever days Web Developing its Developing very faster you must be in touch with this things in India. Its fake companies get to much of money for making websites but Its Pretty Easy Go through Chapters of Php You will Understand What i am trying to say you. Its More then 300 articles to learn php i am posting slowly because i want to give best to my users. Index What is Php Programming Installing Xampp Part -1 Installing Xampp Part -2 Creating Your First Php File Writing Your First php file The Phpinfo Function The php.ini File Code Indentation Echo Statement Print Statement Output html using echo statement Embedding PHP Inside HTML Comments Error Reporting More On Error Reporting Variables In PHP Concatenation in php if_if else Statement in php If_else If Statement In Php Assignment Operators In Php Comparison operators In Php Arithmetic operators In Php Logical Operators in Php Triple Equals in Php While Loops in Php Do While Loops in Php For Loops in Php Switch Statement in php Die and Exit Functions in php Basic Functions in php Functions With Arguments in Php
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