This link directs to a .pdf file of the Hypersexual Behavior Inventory, a 19-item self-report measure yielding 3 factors: Control, Coping, and Consequences. These three factors assess a respondent’s (1) control over sexual thoughts, urges, and behavior; (2) consequences associated with hypersexual behavior; and (3) the extent to which an individual uses sex to cope with uncomfortable or unpleasant affective experiences. The measure is reported to discriminate well between controls and hypersexual patient samples and was developed based on the DSM-V proposed classification criteria for Hypersexual Disorder.


This information first appeared in:

Reliability, validity, and psychometric development of the Hypersexual Behavior Inventory in an outpatient sample of men. Journal of Sexual Addiction & Compulsivity, 18(1), 30–51 (2011).


Authors: Reid, R. C., Garos, S., & Carpenter, B. N.



Reliability, Validity, and Psychometric Development of the Hypersexual Behavior Inventory in an Outpatient Sample of Men. Sexual Addiction & Compulsivity: Vol. 18, No. 1, pages 30 - 51.

Authors: Rory C. Reid, Sheila Garos and Bruce N. Carpenter


In thi sstudy, psychometric properties of the Hypersexual Behavior Inventory (HBI) are reported using treatment-seeking samples of hypersexual men. The psychometric properties of the HBI suggest it reflects the proposed DSM-V classification criteria for hypersexual disorder and has both the clinical and research utility to advance a more comprehensive understanding of hypersexuality.

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