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We're pretty much bones to say the least and so they didn’t have the right catalytic converters in the next thing you know your air pollution increases this all size of that’s good intentions can often result in pot be got problems and this is a really big issue when we’re trying to solve serious world issues whether the poverty deforestation climate change when we don't understand the consequences are the choices that we make even in our own lives I mean I have to think about all the times I've been a family events said that thing that's gotten to like four other people in Chinese whispers by the time to get back to me.

I'm in trouble in summers are talking to me these guys are unintended consequences of the just day-to-day choices that we make the only make big decisions when governments and institutions make choices I had dramatic flow-on effects like a domino a ripple effect and there's one such case that happened just recently and that was when the European Union was trying to address the issue of um the over dependence on oil they decided to introduce a legislation to encourage he's a fire feels now bio fuels are essentially feels that can be used in cars like any other synthetic fuel but they may from biological resources are usually from food crops at watt and corn and a few easy in this looks like he was really successful so they increase the Tigers to 10 percent what actually happens was that researchers started to wonder.

Why suddenly there wasn't much food available on the World Food Market basic food source and they realize it does his thing having quite an indirect land-use change technical term but basically that meant that farmers who use to grow a large percentage of the base food forth world that went to a lot of emerging economies are people were suffering from food storage soldiers suddenly dropped off the market because people realize it was far more economically viable to sell your Conan days for bio-fuel to Europe than it was Africa for food so we had wealthy shortage and that is the negative outcome the perverse is that not only to people chance for their already farmland but they started clearing large tracts of rain forest because there waste scene credible incentive so we've lost thousands of acres it's the amount is on Iran but basically this direct control had nets environmental losses and that is totally unsustainable which is the area that I work in case you hadn't figured that out by now and that's how I got to being like incredibly almost annoyingly passionate about sustainability was ten years ago.

It wasn't when I was 7 that was just traumatized nag G could tell have happened I could have slept discussions about that but for ten years ago I'm I was studying design product design and in design school and I mean engineering 101 and my lovely old lecture he walks in and he says alright everybody we're going to learn about this thing called the guy Fiery and that is that everything in nature is interconnected so I was a design are you probably gonna make choices about materials or processes that will have a major impact on the planet they probably won't know about I was like 0 rights watch nobody ever told me this before specific don't hurt people the plan don't like us is too much really I had a major freak-out first of many.