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Exploring how Beauty, Cosmetics and Luxury Personal Care Industries are using social media to market, expand brand awareness and increase sales and business.
Curated by Cristin Grogan
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How Those Dove 'Real Beauty Sketch' Ads Went Viral

How Those Dove 'Real Beauty Sketch' Ads Went Viral | BEAUTY + SOCIAL MEDIA |
While Dove's "Campaign for Real Beauty" ads on YouTube have been viewed almost 28 million times, there are some critics
Cristin Grogan's insight:

Dove's on-going 'Campaign for Real Beauty' has seen tremendous successes specifically in the digital and social media realm.  The latest component of the campaign centers around an intriguing video that has been very successful in virality.  Dove is a company that continues to use digital media (videos, photography, etc.) to present creative ways to tell it's brands story and communicate the 'Campaign for Real Beauty' and then uses social media to spread that unique content.  Whether the ads are right or wrong, by combining the above three elements, as well as truly understanding their target consumer, Dove succeeds in using digital and social platforms to enlist buyers, gain new stakeholders, build intrigue around it's brand and to increase customer loytaly, which all contribute to a higher revenue.

Bethany Alexa May Peterson's curator insight, September 7, 2013 12:44 PM

Bloomberg Business Week added commentary to the issue, explaining the response to the video as mostly positive, mentioning the history of criticism of Dove ads, and the predicted effect on the company (experts believe Dove is ahead of game, knowing their customers, whether their motives are pure or not).


While this is a traditional media contribution, the comments section engages the voices of many making amateur media.  Daechoong Mama left her mark on the issue, commenting on the online article and also linking to the entry she posted on her personal blog about the video. Link below:

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Dermablend Professional Announces Zombie Boy, Rick Genest as Official Spokesperson

Dermablend's 'Go Beyond the Cover' YouTube video featuring 'Zombie Boy', Rick Genes,  leads Dermablend to announce him as their new spokesperson.

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