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Rescooped by becool from Jay Cross!

Infographic Builders: 9 Free Tools To Create Great Visual Charts

Infographic Builders: 9 Free Tools To Create Great Visual Charts | be-odl |

Robin Good: Here is a handy short guide to nine free infographic creation tools that can be utilized to create enticing visuals, word charts and data-based infographics without having special technical skills.


Useful. 8/10


Check them all out: ;


(Unearted by @andres taborga)

Via Robin Good, Jay Cross
becool's insight:

Infographics voor zij die er nog steeds zot van zijn.

David Baker's curator insight, April 3, 2014 11:47 AM

I am adding this to my seminar resources. Having another set of tools for my teachers to create their PIE Infographics is important.  Creating visual representations of learning is such a powerful learning for teachers and is a skill they can transfer to their classroom and for students to create in the classroom.

Trude Burnett's curator insight, May 9, 2014 3:48 PM

Good tools to make Infographics

Sahana Chattopadhyay's curator insight, May 4, 2015 11:59 PM

Infographics are great tools to present curated and focused content from a specific perspective. 

Rescooped by becool from My knowledgebox at work! | create and share infographics | create and share infographics | be-odl |

An easy way to create infographics and posters with ready-made visual themes - vhemes.

Via Baiba Svenca, Cedric Saelens
Alfredo Corell's comment, November 13, 2012 2:30 AM
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Cb Bowman's curator insight, September 10, 2013 12:31 PM

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