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Disorders of the Muscular System

Disorders of the Muscular System | BCHS - Tom | Scoop.it
The different disorders of the muscular systems are discussed in the following article. Diseases of the muscular system can impact the overall functioning of systems of human body in a negative manner.
tommarzolf's insight:

I learned Muscles from the muscle system form 40%

 of weight of our body. I found cool that apart from

 carrying out body movements, the muscular system

 is also responsible for heat generation and in

maintaining the stability of the body. Holy Cow! 

 Different types of muscles which together form

 the human muscle system are cardiac, skeletal

and smooth muscles.
I learned that there is alot of differnt disorders you

 can get like a sprain,cramp and even fractures.

Another disorder i learned about is atony and this

 disorder,  your muscles lose their elasticity. (yikes!)

 A more common disorder that is one of the many

 disorders of muscular system i have read about is a

 disorder called myopathy. (which is almost like 

 muscle fatigue) Myopathy is a muscle weakness

 which results from improper functioning in muscle

 fibers. The different muscle disorders like stiffness,

 muscle cramps and spasms could also be caused by

 myopathy. (Now when ever i get a muscle cramp

 i will blame it on myopathy). There are no treatments

for these disorders but too prevent these disorders to

 happen to you. You should eat right and be taking 

breaks every work out, and always stretching.This

 article is filled with differnt muscle disorders and

 i recommend this article to anyone who is studying

 the muscle system.

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Early Symptoms of Lung Cancer

Early Symptoms of Lung Cancer | BCHS - Tom | Scoop.it
Understanding the early symptoms of lung cancer may help you find the disease at an earlier stage.
tommarzolf's insight:

 I learned that another common symptom

 of lung cancer is shortness of breath. 

Another symptom i learned about was

 a cough that does'nt go away. pain or

 aching in your shoulder, back, chest,

or arm. An early symptom i learned was

 that you will get an unnormal sickness

 and your overall heath will decrease. I

did'nt know that lung cancer is now the

 leading cause of cancer deaths for both

 men and women in the United States.

Holy cow!

 It is important to be aware of any early

symptoms.  That said, 25% of people have

 no symptoms at the time of diagnosis,

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Lung Cancer-Prevention

Lung Cancer-Prevention | BCHS - Tom | Scoop.it
Learn about lung cancer, risk factors, and how to reduce risks.
tommarzolf's insight:

 I learned that If you don't use tobacco,

you can reduce

lung cancer by a significant amount.

even if you do smoke if you quit you

 will gradually decrease with

time as your lungs recover.

Quitting smoking reduces your risk for


and your risk continues to decrease

as long as you do not smoke.

I also learned that even cutting down

on smoking can

decrease your chances but it is better

to quit anyways.

Lung cancer is a terrable thing

and i recomend not to smoke in general.

omega hospitals's curator insight, August 7, 2013 3:56 AM

Lung cancer is a type of cancer that begins in the lungs. Lung cancer is one of the leading causes of cancer deaths in India, among both men and women. Lung cancer claims more lives each year than colon, prostate, ovarian, lymph and   breast cancers combined. People who smoke have the greatest risk of lung cancer. The risk of lung cancer increases with the length of time and number of cigarettes smoked. 

Jiahong Li's curator insight, November 15, 2013 8:35 PM

How to avoid lung cancer can be divided into three levels: first level is the cause of intervention; second level is screening and early diagnosis; third level is rehabilitation prevention. Also the first level can divided to 4 parts. The first part is stopping and controlling smoking, the experiment has proof that control smoking is very effective way to keep down lung cancer. The second part is protecting environment, from the experiment, scientists find out it is a really important part for avoiding lung cancer to keep down air pollution. The third part is occupational factors prevent. The fourth part is having a healthy eating habit.

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Obesity - Symptoms, Treatment and Prevention

Symptoms, Treatment and Prevention of Obesity
tommarzolf's insight:

This artical provides facts and information on obesity i learned that a high fiber diet can decrease obesity. I also learned that obesity can cause other illnesses like hypothyoidism. I did'nt know that 1 third of the people in america are obese.I was shocked to see obesity was 2nd to one of the leading causes of death! I learned about how serious this disease is and i have more of a full understanding of obesity. This artical provided me with insight on obesity on symptoms,treatment and prevention.

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What is lung cancer? : Canadian Lung Association

tommarzolf's insight:

I learned that Lung cancer is cancerthat starts

 in the lungs. Cancer is a disease

where cancer

cells grow out of control, taking over

normal cells

 and organs in the body.

I did'nt know that there are two major

types of lung

cancer. Each type of lung cancer grows

 and spreads

 in different ways. Each type may be

 treated differently.

Lung cancer is usally caused by

People who are

exposed to Smoking cigarettes or

breathing in

second-hand smoke. Another common way

is that cancer is heritable.

 Which means cancer can be

 passed down through your family.

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Lung Cancer Canada - Facts

tommarzolf's insight:

I learned that about 15% of lung

 cancers occur in a

 lifetime among never smokers,

where as

about 30% - 40% of patients with lung

 cancer are

never-smokers.The association

between tobacco use

 and lung-cancer is well established.

 I also learned that

Lung cancer is really

common in even to people who

are nonsmokers.

 Lung cancer is fatal due to

blocking in the blood stream.


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Management and prevention of obesity in adults and children

tommarzolf's insight:

I learned that a huge! amount of people suffer

 from obesity.I also learned that 1 in four adults

 are obese.

i learned that if you excerise for atleast 20

minutes a day you can reduce obesity rate

by an masive amount.I did'nt know that 90 

percent of childrens body fat is over 30 pounds.

I also learned that there are treatments for

obesity. I learned though that it is suggested

that you lose body fat naturally by excersizing.



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Yea Tom, you go!
tommarzolf's comment, March 5, 2013 6:14 PM
Thanks man!
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LOL A huge amount of people suffer from obesity. Nice play on words.