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Community Member Spotlight with Ileane Smith from Basic Blog Tips


Blog post at Blog Engage :
Hi everyone, and welcome to our community member spotlight. This week our top user on Blog Engage is none other than Ms. Ileane from Basic Blog Tips. I’m sure everyone here knows or heard about Ileane Smith. Well, if you haven’t this is your chance to know something about her.

Ileane Smith:

I'm truly honored to be in the spotlight over on Blog Engage this week. Brian Belfitt has been such an inspiration to me thoughout the years. If anyone knows how to build a successful community it's Brian and when I grow up I wanna be just like him!

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J.C. Penney Struggles Through Sales Difficulties - Small Business Trends


Growth Potential

The search for customers. The search for more prospects and customers is an inherent part of growing your business, particularly when going through major transitions. Fortunately, there are plenty of creative ways to build your audience and, by extension, your potential customer base. Here Ileane Smith shows us a few simple approaches for building an e-mail list using nothing but a YouTube account. Consider this approach as one technique for gathering prospects your business could convert into new customers. Miss Ileane Speaks
Ileane Smith:

It's always nice to be mentioned on the Small Business Trends blog. This time they mentioned my pocast and the episode where I speak about growing your email list with YouTube videos.

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11 Traffic Generation Tips From 11 Different Bloggers


Any blog’s first and forever dream is to generate traffic. Even though there are thousands of different articles showing hundreds of ways to generate traffic to blogs, sometimes it just doesn...rom – BasicBlogTips.Com

Ms. Ileane prefered to go a step ahead and answer this question by speaking out the answer. Hence, the following link goes out to her answer for this question. Do listen to it – the whole of it.

My All Time Favorite Tip for Getting Blog Traffic

My Comments - If I reveal the answer here, you might probably not listen to the podcast! So go out there and listen to it, if interested.
Mrs. Washington's curator insight, December 18, 2012 1:57 PM

This is a great resource for traffic to your blog !!!

Become an Authority Online with Scoopit : ms. ileane speaks


In this episode of the Ms. Ileane Speaks Podcast I discuss how content curation with can help you establish yourself as an online authority without writing your own content on a blog or website. is now integrated with Bufferapp which extends the social sharing capabilities to include:

Facebook pages and Profiles
LinkedIn and LinkedIn groups
Google +

Read more about

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10 YouTube Channels for Bloggers, By Bloggers | ReelSEO


Everyone has thought of opening up a blog at some point, and most of us have attempted it. For some, it will become a huge success.

Ms. Ileane Speaks

An expert on blogging, SEO and podcast creation, Ms. Ileane has been posting videos since 2009. She has several series currently uploaded, on topics like social media and Google Chrome extensions. You can also visit her website, BasicBlogTips.

Source: 10 YouTube Channels for Bloggers, By Bloggers
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