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15 Lessons From 1,500 Blog Posts | I'm Just Sharing


This is post #1,500 for I'm Just Sharing and it's been quite an interesting ride. I started this blog in December 2007 with an idea that maybe I could make some money blogging. My other intention was to be able to write whatever I wanted to write, and to that end I was in immediate conflict. You see, though I didn't necessarily see it as blogging, I started chronicling parts of my life and thoughts back in 1995 on a site called My Dear Diary. It allowed you to be anonymous and, well, it was a diary. It was a diary that could be read by others if they so chose, and of course you could read other people's diaries as well. It allowed for a stream of consciousness that I had started back in college when I used to buy all these spiral notebooks to chronicle what was going on in my life; strange stuff… What is it with some people that they like to write down what they're thinking and what's going on? For me, I saw it as a sense of history, people I wanted to remember, events that were s
Ileane Smith:

My Comment went into moderation but I'm sure it will be live soon:

Hi Mitch,

One thing is for sure, you certainly have a lot to say!

But somehow we never get bored listening to you. :) Thanks so much for including in the list of thank yous. That's a real honor.

I think my favorite point was #14 when you said "stuck to my principles". That's one of the things I count on when I think about you and your blogs and videos. I know that you won't be a sell-out and in the long run that is extremely important. Even if you change your mind about something there's always a compelling reason that you manage to make others see your point (even if they don't agree).

I asked around about Dennis a few months back and I agree that he was a great guy who always had a unique perspective and left some awesome comments.

Congrats on 1500 and I'm looking forward to what comes next.

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9 Inspirational Bloggers to Give You a Blogging Boost


These inspirational bloggers with show you how to reach new heights in blogging even if you are facing challenges. Take a look and be inspired

.....A great source of inspiration (and tips) for anything related to the online marketing world is Ms Ileane Smith.

She has done and tried it all. Blogging, Youtube, Podcasting and all forms of social media.

And on top of this, she does it all on the side because she has a full-time job.

She has been such an inspiration in my journey online, I was eager to talk to her as the first guest on my Podcast.

Take a listen, and learn from a pro and be inspired at the same time.

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Women’s Day Special: My 7 Favorite Female Bloggers


Everyday is Women’s Day but there should be one occasion to celebrate women spirit to make her feel special. In the Women’s Day I cannot spare myself ...

2.Ileane Smith (

A very lovely person I cannot resist her.  She is renowned and symbolic importance of her existence is always give cheers to others. Her blog is all about blogging tips. A wonderful blog basicblogtips is her dream come true and letting other realizing her dream as well. Her one of the post I admire lot i.e the interview with Atish brother Interview with Ms. Ileane Of Basic Blog Tips

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MLP 001: Blogging Success - Ms. Ileane Smith reveals how successful blogging is done


Welcome to the Mad Lemmings Podcast This is the first episode of my new podcast, which will delve into all the best tips and tricks from the pros, when it comes to: Online Marketing Blogging Social Media The rest of the online puzzle I will be interviewing guests each week (with perhaps a few exceptions) …
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Weekly Marketing News • March 1, 2014


In the marketing news this week: scraper revenge, Facebook throws us a bone, Twitter adds ads, Gmail unsubscribe, Panda is 3, Yahoo is 19, & more....

Additional Scoop.It resources from +Ileane Smith: Tutorial – Curate Content, Build Backlinks and Track Engagement [VIDEO]

Ileane Smith:

Ana Hoffman never disappoints in her weekly Marketing Skinny. This time is no exception and she even includes some news about and an evergreen tutorial I did way back in the day! Check it out

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Learn How to Drive Traffic to Your Blog with Ileane Smith Interview


In the bloggers interview series so far, we have done interviews with some of popular female bloggers like Ann Smarty and Jane Sheeba. In today’s interview series, we have a lady who has made a big name in the blogging...For few of you, who did not get the chance to know about Ileane Smith, let me share a brief intro about her. Ileane Smith is the founder of popular blog and she is also running a podcast blog here. She has an active Youtube Chanel here and has been very active on major social media and blogging communities.

Ileane Smith:

Loved doing this interview with Anil!

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Liking Or Sharing Your Own Stuff With Others; Let’s Talk… | I'm Just Sharing


A couple of weeks ago the Hot Blog Tips Crew (without me these days...) did a video on the subject of what to share on Google Plus without, what Brian Hawkins of said Hot Blog Tips believes, is spamming. I thought it was a fairly interesting video, and since I'm not a part of it I'm just going to include the link to that video and tell you to check it out. ryancr via CompfightOne of the things he said in the video I totally disagreed with, and in thinking about that one particular thing it got me to thinking about some other things, hence I thought it was time to share some thoughts while asking y'all what you think of these same things. There was another blog post I read a couple of months ago (from where I can't remember) where the writer was saying that in today's social media world sometimes you have to "like" your own submissions. He didn't mean you have to like what you write as much as publicly affirm that you like what you write by clicking a Like button or a +1 button on
Ileane Smith:

My Comment:

Hi Mitch,
Thanks for mentioning me here.
So let's talk about that for a sec. How did I know that you mentioned me?
I started off monitoring @ mentions in HootSuite, but I knew that I was missing some of the mentions because the counts never added up with what I was seeing on the sharing widgets on my blog. Then I found out about Google Alerts - this worked great for me at first and I'm lucky enough to have a unique spelling of my name (not one that is the same as a famous musician such as yourself). Then as time went by Google Alerts became less and less reliable and I found a few other tools like TalkWalker and (which is how I found out that you mentioned me here). But those two aren't 100% accurate either and I found more and more tools to monitor mentions. I can't even remember the names of all those tools but let's just say that none of them finds the same stuff. They all return different results and there are lots of times when people share my content but they don't even mention me or the name of my blog. To be honest I could spend about 45 minutes a day just going through all of the alerts I get! Keep in mind I have 2 Twitter accounts, 3 blogs, an active YouTube Channel, a Podcast, Facebook Page, Google + need to go list everything here that I get notifications about because I think you get the point.

So here are some of the questions that I'm faced with - is it more important for my content to be shared or does it need to be shared by influencers in order for people to read it?

Do I care if Michael Hyatt or Amy Porterfield share my content even though they never read it? Or should I be thankful that they sent hundreds of people to my blog who did eventually read it - and they reshared it and I got huge traffic spikes and great comments and interaction? Some of these folks mentioned me when they reshared my posts and some of them didn't. Do I need to thank all these folks?

Ok so let me just say this now - I don't have answers to all of these questions I just wanted to point out that I have some totally different questions than you have.

In fact I even wonder if I am wasting my time monitoring all of these mentions if I don't have time to acknowledge all of them.

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Community Response To Libsyn 4, Superstar Podcasters Keith and The Girl, Growing Your Audience And Keeping It Real - Official Libsyn Blog


Download MP3 Quick Episode Summary: Intro Ms. Ilene Speaks Promo On the Libsyn Blog Podcast Talent Show Promo Ludwina Dautovic Shout-out Hutch feedback Dr Vibe feedback The Americana Music Show Promo Rob and Elsie Conversation Libsyn 4 responses from the community When willl Libsyn 3 disappear? Libsyn stats are on GMT – Question via Lucas …
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Best WordPress Plugins: 40 Experts Share Their Favorite WordPress Plugins


Best WordPress Plugins: 40 SEO and WordPress experts reveal their 5 favorite free and Premium WordPress Plugins. Amazing content, check it out....

Ileane Smith – BasicBlogTips

This question comes at a really good time because I switched themes recently which caused me to take an even closer look at the plugins I use on Basic Blog Tips. Before I give you my five favs, I want to start off by saying how important it is to have a great theme with basic features built-in. This will make a huge difference in performance and greatly reduce the number of plugins you need to install.

My current theme is Genesis and I use a child theme from Appendipity called Showcase. So right out the gate I don’t need to install any social sharing or following plugins because they are integrated within Showcase.

With all that said, it’s still challenging to pick 5 plugins but I’ll give it a shot.

1. Anti-spam – is the newest one I’m testing to cut down on the time I spend moderating comments. I almost don’t want to give that little secret away because somehow whenever a plugin like this gets popular, the spammers figure out a way to work around it. But it’s so good I have to share it with you guys.

2. AuthorSure – is a plugin that takes all the fuss out of setting up Google Authorship, which is essential for any blog with multiple authors and for bloggers who don’t  want to mess around with code. It adds a nice looking author bio box and a lot of other options as well.

3. Pretty-link Pro – is another must have for anyone doing affiliate marketing. It makes your links easier to remember and it’s also great for YouTubers and Podcasters who want to share links on their shows.

4. WP-Optimize – is a great one to have around. If you haven’t used this one before, the first time you run it, you will most certainly notice that your blog loads faster.

5. P3 Plugin Performance Profiler – will come in handy when you see that your blog is loading slowly. This one will tell you which plugin is causing the issue and give you a complete rundown of the time it takes for each one to load. When you see the load times, I know it will be hard but just un-install the one with the longest load time and you’ll be thankful you did!

Bill Gassett's curator insight, February 16, 2014 6:15 PM

If you are a blogger and are on Wordpress you know how flexible it is as a blogging platform. You can add functionality for just about anything by using "plugins". The article takes a look at 40 of the best plugins surveyed by top social media professionals. Take a look and see if you can find a plugin that could be useful for your content marketing strategy.

Thanks Impartial Geek for the New Mic!


Just a quick thanks to David from Impartial Geek and everyone who helped me win a Blue Yeti Mic!
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Content and Pinterest Marketing with Kaila Strong @cliquekaila #VCBuzz - YouTube


Read the full chat script here: Kaila Strong This week we had a great opportunity to learn from one of the most prominent content marketers, Kaila Strong. Ka...
Ileane Smith:

Nice! My quote got featured in this video. Time Stamp 1:26

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Do You Comment for Backlinks on DoFollow Enabled CommentLuv Blogs?


Blog post at Keep Up With The Web - Sherryl Perry : Last week, Matt Cutts got the blogging community in an uproar over whether or not guest blogging was dead. (It’s not.) ...In the past year, there has been a lot of controversy over whether or not the benefits of CommentLuv outweighs the cons. There’s no disputing the fact that do-follow links attract spam. I know several well respected bloggers (such as Ileane Smith), who have switched from CommentLuv to the Google+ commenting system. 

Ileane Smith:

My comment:

Hi Sherryl,
Wow this is a hot topic. Sometimes I think Matt Cutts likes to stir things up to get views to their YouTube channel. It's like a broken record repeating the same thing over and over again but no matter what people still keep asking the same questions.
The issue of no-follow links is one that fits this mold.

I do like the benefit of linking to one of my blog posts, in the comment section but I don't think it really makes a difference if the link is do follow or not. There are very few high page rank blogs with do follow comments and they all have so many comments on them that the page rank that flows is tremendously diluted - to the point that I doubt if it even matter at all. The vast majority of do follow blogs have fewer comments but they don't have much page rank to flow to our blogs anyway.

So the bottom line is that as long as the site is reputable and the subject matter is related, the link still has some value, but in the grand scheme of things, commenting just for links is a waste of time. Bloggers need to think beyond links when it comes to commenting. Think more about conversations, relationship building, making connections, discoverability and those sorts of things - not links. That's the only way we'll ever be able to stop paying attention to those "repetitive" Matt Cutts videos.

I found another plugin called Anti Spam and at the moment it's doing a great job of keeping the spam to a minimum. This is a good one to recommend to anyone who doesn't use CLP.

Thanks for the post Sherryl - enjoy your weekend!

Newz Duniya's curator insight, February 4, 2014 4:31 AM

Great information, really helpful for new bloggers to rank website.

Podcast #1 : 3 Ways to Increase your Affiliate Income while you Sleep


Hi Mates, Welcome to my first podcast series. Here, I will record my voice instead of big articles about the topics Blogging Tips, SEO, Make Money Online…etc. I found that podcasts are the best way to interact with readers. Pat Flynn from Smart Passive Income Blog and ileane smith from Basic Blog Tips inspired me to start… ► Continue Reading …
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5 Lessons From 2 Years of Using Email Newsletters in our Content Strategy


As a platform that helps people, businesses or organizations with their content strategy, it's always been natural for us to use content ourselves in our communication.
Ileane Smith:

I just love how my photo appears but Mr. Branson's is cut off. Thanks for the shout out Guillaume :)

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Guest blogging in 2013! Promote your articles here - Make money blogging


Guest blogging is an important blogging activity. Here are recommended guest articles in 2013 you must read...

2 Articles on BasicBlogTips
Ileane Smith:

It was my pleasure to host Enstine as a guest on Basic Blog Tips. He's incredible.

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Social Media Strategy List: Expert Tips To Boost Your Social Presence


Learn what campaigns 40 social media experts called the most creative that they've seen....

A few weeks ago I started experimenting with Pinterest. I got an idea to take "action" screenshots from popular videos to see if I would get more repins. Here's one I did from Katy Perry's Roar at around the 03:51 mark when she is painting an elephant's toenails:

It's one of the top 10 pins on my Fashion and Style Board right now. I'm starting to pin more screenshots from my own YouTube videos with the hope that I'll get better at making custom thumbnails for my vids.

Bio: Ileane Smith is the Founder at Basic Blog Tips and Ms. Ileane Speaks Podcast.

Ileane Smith:

This article is packed with creative ideas! Even a few wedding proposals.

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Best Wordpress Plugins: 53 Pros Share Amazing Plugins to Inspire You


This article shows you the best wordpress plugins from 53 social media professionals around the world. Amazing content, check it out.
Ileane Smith: Ileane Smith

Ileane is a blogger, podcaster, Youtuber and social media ninja!



Google XML Sitemaps – Essential plugin to create your sitemap.

Yoast Google Analytics for WordPress – This includes the event tracking which help track if people are watching the videos.  I also use the Leadplayer which integrates with this plugin.

Pretty Link Pro – Customize any link you want so it’s easy to remember your affiliate links or pdf downloads.

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Bloggers Discussion 002: A Talk With Ileane Smith from Basic Blog Tips. @Bishal Biswas


When she write, peoples listen to her. The most uncommon thing you don't know about her is that she landed in blogging in just an accidental situation. Till now she has traveled a long way in the blogging world which led her to be called The MOST INFLUENCED and PROFESSIONAL BLOGGER.

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Kapil Jekishan - Google+ - 4 Ladies who rock G+


Ileane Smith:

I'm honored to be immortalized as part of an Infographic

Webquacker's curator insight, January 13, 2014 6:05 PM

Awesome ladies who you should be following on Google+ if you already aren't.

Jeff Sieh Google+ - "Circle Ileane Smith! I had a question on +Ileane Smith's tribe on Triberr and she took the time to make me my own private video explaining how to set it up properly!"


Circle Ileane Smith!

Get this.  I had a question on +Ileane Smith's tribe on Triberr and she took the time to make me my own private video explaining how…

Make sure that you circle this kind and generous lady, but also read her content! She is incredibly knowledgeable about blogging, YouTube marketing, and podcasting.  You'll be glad you did.

Ileane Smith:

Read more of the comments on Google+

Lisa Sicard's comment, January 8, 2014 6:47 AM
" I'm not surprised - she is always helping others including myself " amazing lady!

Viral Content Buzz Users Speak: Three Most Shared Projects of the Month | Viral Content Buzz


Ileane Smith:

Viral Content Buzz is one of my favorite social sharing platforms. I see an increase in the number of retweets and Facebook shares on every post I submit to the platform. One of the most significant areas for growth for my blog comes from the Pinterest traffic which can be tied directly back to the network.

I’m able to track the pins back to those shared by the members of VCB by using the Tailwindapp. I also love the quality and diversity of the content that is available for sharing on VCB and I highly recommend others to join us there.

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Top 20 Inspirational Bloggers To Follow in 2014


2013 is coming to an end. With the enthusiasms and excitement don't miss this inspirational article where I have listed top 20 inspirational bloggers to follow in 2014....

Below are Top 20 Inspirational Bloggers To Follow in 2014. (not in sequenced ordered).

1. Harsh Agrawal 

2. Ileane Smith 

3. Elizabeth McGee

4. Harleena Singh

5. Brian Belfitt 

6. Reginald Chan

7. Amal Rafeeq 

Marilyn Moran's comment, January 4, 2014 1:50 PM
Congrats, Ileane!

Why Your Blog is Getting Ignored And What To Do About It!


Have you ever noticed that around December of every year, you start seeing articles in your niche about what to expect in the following year?

For example, Ileane of Basic Blog Tips recently published 4 Steps to Improve Your Blog for Google Updates in 2014 by Reginald Chan

Ann Dixon's curator insight, January 6, 2014 11:30 AM

Forget Google-write for humans

Don't Miss Social Media Power Chat - Weekend Edition 12-29-13


The final #SocialMediaPowerChat of 2013! Guests David Amerland, Dustin W. Stout, Ileane Smith & Craig Chamberlin. We'll recap the year in social media as wel...
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7 Great habits of highly successful bloggers-25 case studies - Blog and SEO Consultant


To be a successful blogger, it is important to study the life, blogging culture and trends of successful bloggers ahead of you. Read their secrets and become one...In the context of the subject matter, prominent probloggers likeDarren Rowse of problogger, Zac JohnsonJohn ChowPat Flynn,Martin Brinkmanbrian clarkJeremy schoemakerNeil PatelKristi HinesMike StelznerRamsay TaplinCarol TiceAna Hoffman,Jason AcidreDerek halpen Adrienne SmithHarleena Singh ,Ileane smith,Jay baer e.t.c will be studied with the aim of applying what they did to become a successful blogger.

Denise Gabbard's curator insight, December 28, 2013 9:52 AM

Lots to learn from this group for sure!


Luigi Cappel's curator insight, December 29, 2013 6:32 PM

Some great advice with examples on how to be a successful blogger. You do also need to remember that none of them were overnight successes. It takes real commitment and consistent effort.