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FACEBOOK: How the Advent of Timeline Makes Promoting a Business Even More Effective


Blog post at GROWMAP.COM : This is a guest post by Christopher Wallace, Vice President of Sales and Marketing for Amsterdam Printing Promotional Products to share tips...

How to Create Facebook Timeline Images

If you want to do this yourself, Ileane @BasicBlogTips recommends the Facebook Timeline Splicer Pro App.  Mari Smith shared last month that Facebook Single Column Timeline Designs Rolled Out so it is likely there will be a similar design for businesses. If it is already out I haven’t seen it yet.

ben matthew's curator insight, September 1, 2014 7:19 AM

Ever used Facebook as a social network for business purposes? This is an interesting read for those who have or are interested in using this social network to promote your business. Here is some insight into using Facebook to promote your business which i find quite useful.


My Awesome Interview with @SocialWebCafe » Personal Blog of Justin Germino


I was actually really sick two days ago with what I thought was a stomach bug (probably was) and in recovery so haven’t been posting much.  I saw however that Deborah Anderson from@SocialWebCafe had finished updating and published our interview from a few months back polishing it up into a formal lessons from the Dragon Blogger article that she wound up publishing on Basic Blog Tips.

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RSS Syndication – Get Noticed and Establish Your Blog


Blog post at : What good is it having a blog if no one ever sees it or comments on it.  Syndication is vital to your blog, and in this blog post I want – I recently watched Ileane’s video on YouTube. (make sure you subscribe to her channel it’s great!).  She made a good point about claiming your blog there and many people look down on it.  Honestly, I don’t know why either Ileane?  Maybe they are just lazy!  It was her number 5 source of traffic via social media.  I don’t spend much time there, but I have claimed my blogs there and it does pass some good link juice.  Now that I think of it I should really start participating there more often.

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Why journalists need to pay attention to Google Author Rank in 2013


Remember back in 2011, when Google linked the Google Plus profiles of journalists to Google News, and folks like Emily Bell,  Erik Wemple, Amy Gahran, Megan Garber  and I had a cross-platform... If you focus on online marketing, journalism and SEO — and like it or not, if you publish on the Internet, you need to keep an eye on these areas — this is a noteworthy development. It’s worth taking the time to understand Author Rank, learn how it works, why it matters to SEO, and think about how it might apply to what you do online. To learn more, check out  Google’s Authorship page on Plus.

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Dan Norris Content marathon complete »


I was also interviewed twice on other podcasts. The first was on this awesome Content marketing smackdown put together by Jake Hower.

You can check it out on Content Smackdown with Dan Andrews, James Schramko and Dan Norris.

The second was with Casey from the Industry Domination Podcast but that one hasn’t gone live yet.

And I was interviewed in a text interview by Ileane on Basic Blog Tips here.

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2012 Blog Rockstar Awards


I've decided to hold an awards that is not based on popularity, but based on specific criteria that I look for in a site that goes above and[..]

Ileane Smith of Basic Blog Tips

Ileane runs a blog community that is quite active and constantly shares articles to help bloggers with using their blogs. She tries to keep on top of the blog game and is always talking with readers and is always talking with readers and blogging colleagues.

Ileane Smith:

Getting an award from Nile Flores means the world to me! I really appreciate this!

Mrs. Washington's comment, January 7, 2013 4:07 PM
Ms. Ileane Smith, You are on top of the game and you give quality content too !!!
Ileane Smith's comment, January 7, 2013 4:20 PM
Thank you!

9 Lessons I Have Learned After Two Years of Blogging


Blog post at Productive Superdad : On the 31st of December, 2010, I published my first post on this blog. Ever since then I have been blogging on a frequent basis...

3. Get a coach from the get-go

This is one of the things I wish I had done when I started blogging: Hired a coach.

Although I hired some temporary help when launching my blog in 2011 (and to which I was happy with), I still wanted something more.

In January 2012 this changed, as I started  working with Danny Iny and I couldn’t be happier with the results.

Coaching has made a huge difference in my productivity as I’m able to focus on things that are truly important.

It’s also a great way to test new ideas: I might have a crazy plan in my head which I pitch to Danny. If he thinks the idea is not so great, I put that on hold or get it off of my list completely. This is a huge time saver and I can keep on track without any extra distractions.

Although coaching is expensive, it’s also a much faster way to get to your destination. Besides, you can rarely get to your goal by buying a $19 e-book.

Ileane Smith:

Here's the comment I left:

Hi Timo!
What an incredible job you have done with your blogs in the past two years! You are so right about the hard work that goes into the art of blogging and it’s really a smart idea to get help right up front. Working with Danny is a plus and having a system in place is also key.

I don’t know what I would do with out wonderful guest contributors like yourself that keep a constant stream of value-added blog posts flowing on my blog.

Thanks for all you do and best wishes for another “productive” year in 2013!

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2013 Predictions By Popular Bloggers And Marketers


Have you ever wondered what other popular bloggers are preparing for?...

Blogging Predictions For 2013

For blogging predictions we have Ileane Smith, Nile Flores and Gail Gardner, all of whom are very well respected bloggers and at the top of their game.

Ileane Smith from Basic Blog Tips predicts that 2013 will be the biggest year for blogging! That’s an exciting idea:

This will come as no surprise to those of us who are blogging but I predict that more blogs will be started in 2013 than ever before. Now that Google is responsible (they said this not me) for sending quality, targeted traffic to our blogs and keeping spam under control, people will start to gain a new respect for Google+ and other Google properties like Blogger.

Video blogging and podcasting will continue to boom and we’ll gain access to tools that will eliminate any barriers to entry such as language, and learning curves that in the past, prevented us from exploring new formats and platforms.

2013 is going to be a good year, especially for those of us who are already creating content and building solid social connections!

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Top 10 Bloggers To Watch In 2013


2012 was a great blogging year for me and I've been learning a lot from different blogs and bloggers...

2. Ileane Smith:

Ileane Smith is someone I’ve been watching for 6 or so months now and I learned a lot from her about blogging and social media..

She has a popular blog, but focuses on networking and relationship building more rather than just being a blogger and she built the majority of her following through social media.

She started in 2011 and quickly built a solid reputation for producing quality content and building relationships with her followers.

I’ve done several guest posts at her blog which you can read here.

I can’t wait to see her shining in the coming year.

Dollars Per Day's comment, January 3, 2013 12:18 PM
Great to see you on the list Ileane :) Well done.

New Year 2013 Blogging Resolution from Successful Bloggers



Ileane Smith owner of msileanespeaks

In 2013 I plan to put more effort into building my email list. One way I will do this is by adding an optin slider using Hybrid-Connect. I’m not a fan of pop-ups but I think using the slider is a nice option that is less intrusive but still very effective. As Basic Blog Tips continues to bring in more organic traffic, I’d like to make people more aware that I have a ton of valuable content available on my podcast and my YouTube channel. It will be easy to get the word out to my email subscribers in my auto-responder sequence.

Dollars Per Day's comment, January 3, 2013 12:18 PM
My ambition for the new year is to make my backlinks more natural and be able to focus on content for my own site.
Mrs. Washington's comment, January 7, 2013 4:23 PM
My goal is to set a blog posting schedule and establish my backlinks. I am a new`to blogging and looking to podcast soon....

Is Facebook Going Down The Same Road As Digg Did In 2008 ? – Social Marketing Tactics


As I watch one very loyal Facebook marketer after another become disolutioned with Facebook paid posts I remember the days of Digg’s demise due to the CEO’s ego, Kevin Rose’s disconnection and a malicious group called the Digg mafia. Will we see history repeat itself at Facebook?

3 Things brought me write this for you

Following a week of the release of Facebook Nearby in the moble app, thenFacebook Nearby’s Potential as a local marketing platform challenging FourSquare, I have to ask you: Is Facebook a local marketing contender or a social giant in early decline?

Now today, a very well written article on Ileane Smith’s blog that really cleared the air about the Facebook Page true reach brought it home for me.

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Youtube Tips – How to Schedule an upload


If you are not into video marketing, then you are likely to be left out in the internet marketing race. This is not my statement, this is something that most GURUs today are professing...In this video by Ileane Smith, she shows how to schedule videos and how to upload a custom thumbnail for your videos.

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5 Blogs With Killer Content You HAVE To Check Out!


Blog post at : Knowledge is power! I truly believe that. And while I'm always trying to stay educated on things happening in the internet marketing world...

2. Basic Blog Tips

Next up on my “must read” blog list is Basic Blog Tips by Ileane Smith. Don’t be fooled by her blog’s name either. There’s nothing “basic” about her blog tips. Her blog really provides great content and solid tips that you can easily implement into your business. Check out these excellent posts from her blog:

Ileane Smith:

Honored to see Basic Blog Tips on this list!

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12 Things “I’m Just Sharing” Addressed In 2012


Blog post at I'm Just Sharing : A couple of weeks ago on 12/12/12 I wrote a post titled 12 Things For 12/12/12....I did have these 12 titles and links that I briefly mentioned in some fashion, which is what the video was based on. So I’m going to give those links beneath the video. It’s about 20 minutes long; I was shooting for 10 minutes but there’s no timer! I did it using Google+ Live Hangout, which means anyone could have been watching, except I started it around 12:45 or so in the morning, so I doubt anyone saw it live, and that’s just fine. Hey, at least I know Brian will watch it, though I mentioned SherylIleane, and Holly

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Informly Podcast #25 - Building a tribe with Dan Andrews


Dan Andrews is back (see his last appearance here) on the show to discuss leadership, content, podcasting and tribes.


Ileane Smith:

I know that Dan thinks my name is Elaine, but when I get a chance I'll let know know. HA!! But he got Basic Blog Tips right so I'm ok with that. Here's my interview with Dan.

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How To Insert AdSense Units Inside A Blog Post : Basic Podcasting Tips


You can monetize your blog by creating targeted AdSense units and inserting them inside of blog posts. Learn more about my AdSense strategy here

Ileane Smith:

This post is a response to a request from Arlene Cobol who asked how to insert AdSense inside a blog post.

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How to Be a More Effective Wordpress Blogger | Bleeping Tech


Here are a few tips on how to become a more effective Wordpress blogger and attract more users to read your posts.Wordpress is a great platform for bloggers...Implementing these basic tips can increase the effectiveness of your WordPress blog and help you achieve online popularity. Remember to be original and avoid becoming boring and repetitive, and, with sufficient effort and discipline, you can become a successful blogger.

Ileane Smith:

Nailed it! 

donhornsby's curator insight, December 23, 2012 7:54 AM

(From the article) Implementing these basic tips can increase the effectiveness of your WordPress blog and help you achieve online popularity. Remember to be original and avoid becoming boring and repetitive, and, with sufficient effort and discipline, you can become a successful blogger.

Mrs. Washington's curator insight, December 23, 2012 6:28 PM

This article is great for all the Wordpress Bloggers.

4 Simple Tips to Get Ideas for Blog Post | Blog Tips Codes


So, for the last two days I have been trying to get some ideas. And then just today I got the idea of writing this post. If you have been facing the same problem as me, here are the top tips on how to get ideas fro your blog posts...

3. Scan through comments on other blogs

You might think this is weird. But this has actually helped me a lot of times. Visit some of the top authority sites or

Ileane Smith:

I certainly agree with this! Because my blog and the CommentLuv blog have lots of guest authors, it's a hot bed of ideas for new blog posts. Just use your own words and don't copy and paste. :)

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Using BizSugar as a Content Promotion Tool


BizSugar has grown from small business networking site for small business owners to social networking community for small business bloggers as Ileane rightly called it in an article titled “BizSugar a Social Network for Small Business”.  For some months now since I discovered BizSugar I have been using it as a content syndication site and also a content promotion tool and it has greatly improved my blog.

Ileane Smith:

It's my pleasure to introduce bloggers and small business owners to BizSugar

Nwosu Desmond's comment, January 2, 2013 5:49 PM
I am glad i learnt about Bizsugar from has helped me alot.

The secret to making money as a blogger!


HUSH… The secret to making money as a blogger..It’s so obvious now that I didn’t even need to draw any arrows this time! It’s crystal clear that the page on my blog with the highest number of impressions in Google search is the one at the top of the list: How To Get Your First 2,000 Twitter Followers

Ileane Smith:

Interesting twist to a post that I wrote. Here's the comment I left 

"Hey George,

Cool post and I like being used as an example for all to see!!

In addition to Google Webmaster Tools I also use Market Samurai for keyword tracking and I love it. I’ve never done a comparison of the MS and SEM Rush but if you know of one please share it with me so I can see how they match up against each other.

Market Samurai just introduced two new features because they are predicting that Google is going to get rid of Page Rank soon. The new tools are citation flow and trust flow. They are pretty awesome additions to their arsenal and I like that they are trying to be pro-active. I plan on doing a YouTube video on it this weekend."

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You Might Be A Spammer If You Do This | Blog Setup Guide


Blog post at : One thing that is very sad about Internet marketing is people use automated tools incorrectly to spam their social profiles, others accounts[..]
Ileane Smith:

It's really nice when people say things like this:

Big thanks to Donna MerrillIleane SmithJustin Germino, and so many others for helping me on the social media aspect of Internet marketing.  You’ll go much further in Internet marketing that way.  

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J.C. Penney Struggles Through Sales Difficulties - Small Business Trends


Growth Potential

The search for customers. The search for more prospects and customers is an inherent part of growing your business, particularly when going through major transitions. Fortunately, there are plenty of creative ways to build your audience and, by extension, your potential customer base. Here Ileane Smith shows us a few simple approaches for building an e-mail list using nothing but a YouTube account. Consider this approach as one technique for gathering prospects your business could convert into new customers. Miss Ileane Speaks
Ileane Smith:

It's always nice to be mentioned on the Small Business Trends blog. This time they mentioned my pocast and the episode where I speak about growing your email list with YouTube videos.

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10 Content Marketing Tips You Can Employ Now | Social Media Examiner


Content marketing tips, discover the best content marketing tactics and strategies used by the experts today.....I’m seeing some real excitement starting to build around content curation platforms right now, and by far my favorite content curation tool is

Ileane Smith:

My contribution to this post is all about Scoopit!

I'll be presenting at Content Success Summit 2013 sponsored by Social Media Examiner. 

Mrs. Washington's curator insight, December 18, 2012 10:53 AM

Ms. Smith is "The Queen of Content Informantion" for me !!!

11 Traffic Generation Tips From 11 Different Bloggers


Any blog’s first and forever dream is to generate traffic. Even though there are thousands of different articles showing hundreds of ways to generate traffic to blogs, sometimes it just doesn...rom – BasicBlogTips.Com

Ms. Ileane prefered to go a step ahead and answer this question by speaking out the answer. Hence, the following link goes out to her answer for this question. Do listen to it – the whole of it.

My All Time Favorite Tip for Getting Blog Traffic

My Comments - If I reveal the answer here, you might probably not listen to the podcast! So go out there and listen to it, if interested.
Mrs. Washington's curator insight, December 18, 2012 1:57 PM

This is a great resource for traffic to your blog !!!