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Informly Podcast #25 - Building a tribe with Dan Andrews


Dan Andrews is back (see his last appearance here) on the show to discuss leadership, content, podcasting and tribes.


Ileane Smith:

I know that Dan thinks my name is Elaine, but when I get a chance I'll let know know. HA!! But he got Basic Blog Tips right so I'm ok with that. Here's my interview with Dan.

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How To Insert AdSense Units Inside A Blog Post : Basic Podcasting Tips


You can monetize your blog by creating targeted AdSense units and inserting them inside of blog posts. Learn more about my AdSense strategy here

Ileane Smith:

This post is a response to a request from Arlene Cobol who asked how to insert AdSense inside a blog post.

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How to Be a More Effective Wordpress Blogger | Bleeping Tech


Here are a few tips on how to become a more effective Wordpress blogger and attract more users to read your posts.Wordpress is a great platform for bloggers...Implementing these basic tips can increase the effectiveness of your WordPress blog and help you achieve online popularity. Remember to be original and avoid becoming boring and repetitive, and, with sufficient effort and discipline, you can become a successful blogger.

Ileane Smith:

Nailed it! 

donhornsby's curator insight, December 23, 2012 7:54 AM

(From the article) Implementing these basic tips can increase the effectiveness of your WordPress blog and help you achieve online popularity. Remember to be original and avoid becoming boring and repetitive, and, with sufficient effort and discipline, you can become a successful blogger.

Mrs. Washington's curator insight, December 23, 2012 6:28 PM

This article is great for all the Wordpress Bloggers.

4 Simple Tips to Get Ideas for Blog Post | Blog Tips Codes


So, for the last two days I have been trying to get some ideas. And then just today I got the idea of writing this post. If you have been facing the same problem as me, here are the top tips on how to get ideas fro your blog posts...

3. Scan through comments on other blogs

You might think this is weird. But this has actually helped me a lot of times. Visit some of the top authority sites or

Ileane Smith:

I certainly agree with this! Because my blog and the CommentLuv blog have lots of guest authors, it's a hot bed of ideas for new blog posts. Just use your own words and don't copy and paste. :)

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Using BizSugar as a Content Promotion Tool


BizSugar has grown from small business networking site for small business owners to social networking community for small business bloggers as Ileane rightly called it in an article titled “BizSugar a Social Network for Small Business”.  For some months now since I discovered BizSugar I have been using it as a content syndication site and also a content promotion tool and it has greatly improved my blog.

Ileane Smith:

It's my pleasure to introduce bloggers and small business owners to BizSugar

Nwosu Desmond's comment, January 2, 2013 5:49 PM
I am glad i learnt about Bizsugar from has helped me alot.

The secret to making money as a blogger!


HUSH… The secret to making money as a blogger..It’s so obvious now that I didn’t even need to draw any arrows this time! It’s crystal clear that the page on my blog with the highest number of impressions in Google search is the one at the top of the list: How To Get Your First 2,000 Twitter Followers

Ileane Smith:

Interesting twist to a post that I wrote. Here's the comment I left 

"Hey George,

Cool post and I like being used as an example for all to see!!

In addition to Google Webmaster Tools I also use Market Samurai for keyword tracking and I love it. I’ve never done a comparison of the MS and SEM Rush but if you know of one please share it with me so I can see how they match up against each other.

Market Samurai just introduced two new features because they are predicting that Google is going to get rid of Page Rank soon. The new tools are citation flow and trust flow. They are pretty awesome additions to their arsenal and I like that they are trying to be pro-active. I plan on doing a YouTube video on it this weekend."

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You Might Be A Spammer If You Do This | Blog Setup Guide


Blog post at : One thing that is very sad about Internet marketing is people use automated tools incorrectly to spam their social profiles, others accounts[..]
Ileane Smith:

It's really nice when people say things like this:

Big thanks to Donna MerrillIleane SmithJustin Germino, and so many others for helping me on the social media aspect of Internet marketing.  You’ll go much further in Internet marketing that way.  

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J.C. Penney Struggles Through Sales Difficulties - Small Business Trends


Growth Potential

The search for customers. The search for more prospects and customers is an inherent part of growing your business, particularly when going through major transitions. Fortunately, there are plenty of creative ways to build your audience and, by extension, your potential customer base. Here Ileane Smith shows us a few simple approaches for building an e-mail list using nothing but a YouTube account. Consider this approach as one technique for gathering prospects your business could convert into new customers. Miss Ileane Speaks
Ileane Smith:

It's always nice to be mentioned on the Small Business Trends blog. This time they mentioned my pocast and the episode where I speak about growing your email list with YouTube videos.

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10 Content Marketing Tips You Can Employ Now | Social Media Examiner


Content marketing tips, discover the best content marketing tactics and strategies used by the experts today.....I’m seeing some real excitement starting to build around content curation platforms right now, and by far my favorite content curation tool is

Ileane Smith:

My contribution to this post is all about Scoopit!

I'll be presenting at Content Success Summit 2013 sponsored by Social Media Examiner. 

Mrs. Washington's curator insight, December 18, 2012 10:53 AM

Ms. Smith is "The Queen of Content Informantion" for me !!!

11 Traffic Generation Tips From 11 Different Bloggers


Any blog’s first and forever dream is to generate traffic. Even though there are thousands of different articles showing hundreds of ways to generate traffic to blogs, sometimes it just doesn...rom – BasicBlogTips.Com

Ms. Ileane prefered to go a step ahead and answer this question by speaking out the answer. Hence, the following link goes out to her answer for this question. Do listen to it – the whole of it.

My All Time Favorite Tip for Getting Blog Traffic

My Comments - If I reveal the answer here, you might probably not listen to the podcast! So go out there and listen to it, if interested.
Mrs. Washington's curator insight, December 18, 2012 1:57 PM

This is a great resource for traffic to your blog !!!

Ryan Hanley "Insures" Business Success @RyanHanley_Com - BizSugar blog


How can your small business “insure” success? Ryan Hanley, our latest BizSugar contributor of the week, can answer that question from at least two perspectives.

“I wear two hats,” says Hanley.
Ileane Smith:

In addition to writing for The Murray Group and his blog, Hanley also contributes to Basic Blog TipsTraffic Generation CaféSmall Business Trends, and Property Casualty 360, an insurance trade magazine.

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13 Blogs To Learn From in 2013 for Your Website’s Success


Blog post at Inspire To Thrive : 13 Blogs I've Learned From
Every now and then someone asks....13 Blogs to Learn From:
1. Basic Blog Tips – Ms. Ileane has done an outstanding job on her blog. She has many contributors that write for her now. There is always something fresh on her blog and she is accessible as well. One time I had a question and she replied via a short video. I was stunned. She did that for me? She is the queen of podcasts. Have you listened to one of her podcasts yet?
Ileane Smith:

It's great to see my blog listed here and also my podcast is mentioned. Here's the blog for my podcast:

Lisa Sicard's comment, December 17, 2012 8:27 PM
Thanks for sharing Ileane :)

BlogAid Podcast with Ileane Smith on ScoopIt and YouTube


Ileane Smith:

Basic Blog Tips – Ms. Ileane’s main site
Content Success Summit 2013 – where she will be appearing soon
Basic Blog Tips Podcast in iTunes
Ms Ilean Speaks on YouTube
Basic Blog Tips Newsletter
Ms. Ilean’s Topics
Ms. Ilean’s tutorial

Wanda Rawlins's curator insight, December 14, 2012 2:07 PM

If you don't already read @IIeane's Basic Blog Tips you are missing out on alot of top notch information to help in your social media and internet marketing adventures. Come by and visit her today and tell her Wanda sent ya.

How To Keep Your Blog Moving Forward | Omega Web


Blog post at Omega Web : I saw this quote in my College Success textbook yesterday and it made me think of blogging...

1. Read Authority Blogs That Keep People Informed

One of the best things you can do is read other blogs that share valuable information. The first two that come to my mind are Basic Blog Tips and SEOmoz. Note that this isn’t an exhaustive list, but both Basic Blog Tips and SEOmoz have kept me up to speed on the latest social media changes, SEO techniques, powerful blogging plugins, etc. If you expect to get your blog moving at all, you have to look at the blogs that are already in the fast lane.

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What Marketing Tools For Real Estate Will Do For You


Each industry has their own standards on marketing tools, real estate is no different. However, not many real estate agencies utilize the power that online marketing tools can provide for their business to see a higher exposure rate, better ROI, and overall more sales. Marketing tools for real estate have come a long way over the years and are only continuing to get better--now is the time to start using them to their full extent.

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Ms. Ileane's basicblogtips is the bomb!!! | Michael Craig


Ms. Ileane's basicblogtips is the bomb!!!

I found a great new website for new bloggers and older bloggers that want to improve their sites. the url is

Ms. Ileane is the author of this robust site. Solid content is all over. Subjects cover are SEO ranking, how to build traffic to your site,facts to know before you start blogging for money and a lot more. A short look at her comments literally can't be short. There are virtually endless comments. Her site is the hub of a vibrant blog community and that is what blogging is supposed to be about.
That's your tip for the day. I'm not affiliated with this site. This one is on the house. Check it out and enjoy.

My name is Michael J Craig,aka Mike1040, and as always I'll see you at the top.

P.S. Keep working on your blog with my favorite free videos

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What is a Blog? How to Blog Series – Post #1


'What is a blog' is the first post of 'Bivori How to Blog Series' a blogging guide for complete new readers. Find how some famous bloggers define blogs...

Karen Woodham from Blazing Minds has always inspired me. I love that she is always kind and thoughtful and she’s also very talented musically. I remember when she would blog about anything and really didn’t have a niche blog so to speak. As time went by she experimented with all sorts of ideas but she always managed to maintain her unique outlook on the blogosphere. She does movie reviews these days but still manages to connect with her audience on a deeper level by sharing personal stories every now and then. She is also a bit of a celebrity these days, but she stays grounded and I think she is an awesome role model.

Ileane is truly a very active blogger with exceptional networking skills. She has an awesome blog – Basic Blog Tips. You can turn to her for WordPress blogging, social media, podcasting, YouTube marketing and tech tips!

Check her blog – Basic Blog tips | Find her in Facebook, Twitter

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I’m sick and tired | Em Fast Income


I don't know about you but I'm sick and tired!

I'm not a pro blogger though. My blogging journey started some two months ago and I have struggled to create an impact. While moving on, I have read tons of blog posts and have come across very interesting bloggers especially on the famous blog Engage platform.

During this time, four women bloggers have impressed and positively influenced me big time.
In no order:
Adrienne Smith
Ileane Smith
Kiesha Easley
Deborah Anderson

Frank Woodman Jr's comment, December 6, 2012 7:27 PM
Knowing and loving Ilene as I do I'll sure check out the rest of your list. Thanks for sharing!
Ileane Smith's comment, December 6, 2012 9:09 PM
Thank you Frank!

How to Use Google Reader to Quickly Find and Share Content


Learn how to use Google Reader to find the best content to share. After all, you should regularly share great content to maintain a strong social presence.

Blogging Bundle
Basic Blog Tips
Blogging Tips
Daily Blog Tips
Successful Blog

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Blogs Worth Reading; GrowMap Posts on Other Blogs


My readers may recall that I have been contributing regularly at Social Implications and I want to invite you all to read and comment there (NOW with CommentLuv!) and also at

HootSuite Shares to Google+ Pages ~ You can now manage your Google Plus circles from within Hootsuite – even the free version (as long as you have not used all five of your allotted social slots). That post now includes a link to Ileane @BasicBlogTips’ new How to Connect Your Google+ Account to Hootsuite that explains how Hootsuite can schedule your shares for your optimum time.

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Marketing Tips from top Bloggers


I find marketing tips everywhere. Especially from reading fellow bloggers. Check out this round up of awesome marketing tips I found while sick.
Ileane Smith:

Google is Necessary to your blogging…Got it?

Ms. Ileane Smith knows this. Duh right? I mean Basic Blog Tips is one of the big guns. So when she reminds us to get Googling the right way. I listen up.

Google Analytics and webmaster tools are vital. You need them. You need to use them. And here’s why Ileane says to listen to what Google has to say. Excellent marketing tip if I do say so MYSelf.

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Get DOFOLLOW BACKLINKS from YouTube - Auto Generated


http://basicblogtips.comYouTube auto generates pages for blogs that list all of the videos that are linked and embedded on that specific blog. In this video you’ll see auto-generated pages for

Basic Blog Tips

2 Create a Website

Smart Passive Income

Suggestion for helping YouTube generate this page
Include an additional link to YouTube videos on your blog (don’t just use the embed code)
Consistently create links to other popular YouTube videos on your blog
Find more suggestions here: (blog post coming very soon)

Subscribe to this YouTube channel

John van den Brink's curator insight, December 2, 2012 5:44 AM

Ateeq Ahmed's comment, December 9, 2012 4:56 PM
it is need this to all people in spending of life easily

The Ultimate Business Blogging How To Guide


You can learn how to make a successful blog by reading other blogs, but often it's hard to find it all in once place. Here’s my Ultimate How-to guide for your company blog with links to specific articles to get detailed information in the areas you or your business need the most help.
Skim the key points and dig into the articles that address the most important topics for your company. Let me know in the comments what other sections would be helpful!

How To Make Connections and Build Community
Ideally, you’re not “distributing” content one way – you’re building a network as well as a community centered around your blog or your company.
14 Ways to Build Strategic Relationships With the Who’s Who of Social Media (Copyblogger)
10 Ways To Create Community With Your Blog Readers (Basic Blog Tips)

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Stop. Feel Like You’re Marketing With a Blindfold On? Not Getting Results? Here’s Help!


Blog post at 2 Create a Website - The Blog : Hold it.  Let's put on the brakes for a moment....

SEO Time Wasters 

This is an area where I feel people waste too much time today. Not because SEO is a waste, but many of the strategies we used to rely on have died/are dying.
SEO is becoming more and more manipulation proof. In other words, activities that can be easily replicated will have less impact than they did before.
Anyone can submit a bunch of articles, forum signatures, amass oodles of links through schemes, submit to numerous directories, etc. Spending hours per week on those activities will no longer give you the same benefits you may have realized years ago.
So you could spend your day chasing backlinks or write one really solid article for a popular blog like ProBlogger or Basic Blog Tips.

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