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The 100 Blogs You Need in Your Life (LWB 100 -- 3rd Edition)


Check out the top 100 blogs that can help you quit your job and build a better life.
Ileane Smith:

My Comment

Hi Tom! Thanks for including Basic Blog Tips! Awesome list so I’m honored to see the blog in the top 25. Cheers!

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6 Point Checklist Before Approving Guest Author Accounts


Find out why I've had to delete a number of guest posts from unethical guest bloggers recently and 6 points you can use to check before accepting guest...

My 6 Point Checklist before Accepting Posts from Guest Bloggers1. Check their guest blogging track record

Anyone who participates in guest blogging should have a track record of some sort, for the record I’ve appeared on a number of reputable blogs including ComLuv Network and Basic Blog Tips, which are also my two favorite guest blogging blogs.

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Business blogging: build your editorial calendar with these 4 things in mind



3. Who will write each article?

Will you write every article? Or will you hire someone to “ghost write” on your behalf?

You can also consider spreading the responsibility around your team – this allows for a variety of different topics and points of view.

Or consider asking industry experts to appear as guest writers on occasion. If they have a strong following, their articles can bring a new audience to your blog. That’s just one of many business benefits you can reap by bringing on guest bloggers.

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A Comprehensive Guide To Gravatar and Why You Should Start Using It Today


This is a comprehensive guide to Gravatar, why it's important and why you should start using it today...Do not hesitate to use your logo as a Gravatar. As I said above that there’s a big movement in the blogging world about showing your real face to people, and If you’re that shy of using your own photo, then you can use your logo to represent your site just like Ileane from and Glen from does.

Ileane Smith:

Comment I left on this post: 

Hi Ehsan Ullah,

First I want to thank you for bringing up this topic and it was nice of you to link to my blog in the post.

I want to clarify something you said though. The only time I use the logo as my gravatar is when I’m commenting on my own blog. I also use the logo for my avatar on my second Twitter account for @basicblogtips

I started doing this because I felt like I already have a huge image of myself on the sidebar and I wanted to remind people that they were on my blog. So this way I reinforce the branding of the blog too.

Personally, I would never use a logo to comment on other blogs but I agree with you that it is better than not having any gravatar at all.

Another point I want to add (once again it’s just my opinion) I never liked the options that WordPress provides to us for commenters without a gravatar. I think they are really ugly and this is why I use the blank one instead of the gravatar logo or mystery man (monsterID and wavatar are the worst).

I see some bloggers using a plugin that will allow them to upload a customized image but I think that is a waste of a plugin. It’s like giving people too much credit. That’s why I leave it blank. Because in my mind not having a gravatar is = no branding OR no clue. lol

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Blogging Tips 101: The Basic Blogging Tips That Will Take Your Blog to the Next Level


Get top blogging tips and learn strategies that go beyond the basics to help you elevate your blog to the next level.

Ileane Smith:

Introducing the Beginners Guide to Blogging Series

Ileane Smith's comment, May 26, 2013 6:28 AM
:) Shanker
María Dolores Díaz Noguera's curator insight, July 13, 2013 6:56 AM

Muchas gracias. Estas aportaciones son muy importantes para mis estudiantes.

Tom Pick's comment, September 9, 2013 10:26 AM

ms. ileane speaks: The Ultimate Guide to Do Follow or No Follow Links on Your Blog


Do Follow links are compared to No Follow links and how they impact the Page Rank of blogs. 

Do Follow links are an indication that a webmaster or blogger endorses the site that they are linking to. This sends a signal to the search engines (like Google) that the link is valuable and there is some page rank or "link juice" that will flow from the site to the site that it's linking to. 

In around 2005, Google introduced the No Follow attribute which basically means that even though one site is linking to another, there is no endorsement and no page rank flows to the other site. The link essentially drops out of the link graph.

However, this does not mean that getting a NoFollow link is the end of the world. 


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Keeping Your Website Safe | School of Podcasting


Today we talk about malware (a virus on your website). You are going to have a hard time growing your audience if they are afraid of coming to your site. Special thanks to Ms. Ileane of basic blog tips for pointing out that one of my sites had an issue (which has since been fixed).

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Do YouTube links influence your Google ranking? - Business and Faith


We all want incoming links, but will incoming links from YouTube effect your SEO? Are all YouTube links no-follow links? YouTube and SEO - in writing and video...Take a look at the following YouTube video made by Ileane at Basic Blog Tips for more information.

Sigbjørn Heier's comment, February 13, 2013 7:40 AM
Thanks a lot for :)
Ileane Smith's comment, February 13, 2013 8:23 AM
You are very welcome. Thanks for the mention :)
Dotty Scott's curator insight, February 13, 2013 10:44 PM

I do not 100% agree with this conclusion.  There is way more to increasing Google Ranking than links - and to be honest links do not help that much anymore.  YouTube videos will increase your visibility, traffic, and overall web efforts.

14 Bloggers To Watch For In 2013!


  2013 is already here! Is it too late already to post this kind of article? Naw, I am still going to publish it for you guys the fans!...

Basic Blog Tips is a blog I have subscribed through the RSS feed and I am not lying about it!

It is a must that I am subscribed that way so I don’t miss any article that I didn’t read and comment on!


It is a must that you subscribe to Ileane’s blog and watch her progress in the blogging industry.

Her YouTube passion for videos and the podcast she is starting to use as a communication channel is going to take a larger part of her success in 2013!

Also her involvement in certain blogging and internet events is already taking place in 2013, such as the content success submit of 2013.

Watch out!

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Inspirational Bloggers That Will Help You In Your Blogging Career


This post is about the great Inspirational Bloggers that will help you in your blogging carrier and let you to gain much attention from there helpful tips...

Ileane Smith: She always blog for the people and the topics that are posted on basic blog tips are very useful and are easy to implement on your blogging style.

Key Factor: Kind hearted and tells you about enhancing your writings.


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How to Building Blog Traffic and Authority through Good Will | Blogging Wizard


In this post you’re going to learn just how easy it is to build traffic to your blog and also build your authority within your niche or industry by simply being nice and giving out good will...

A quick example…

There will no doubt be certain bloggers or authority figures in your niche, some of whom you have probably followed for a while now. The same can be said for me within the blogging niche (not that it’s really a niche anymore).

I have been following Ileane from Basicblogtips.comJason Acidre from and Ana Hoffman from for a while now. They deliver some great content and make great examples to follow.

donhornsby's curator insight, February 11, 2013 8:35 AM

(From the article): Whenever you publish a post you need to make an effort to promote it, if you don’t then it’s just a waste and your readership won’t grow much. Sure you will probably end up getting some visitors from search engines but you shouldn’t put all of your eggs in one basket so to speak.

Businesses Worth Following


Woah. Talk about bad lighting. It reminds me of that Seinfeld episode where Jerry had to date the shadow girl and constantly keep her in good lighting. X0X0 ... ♥♥♥ Mentions ♥♥♥

Seinfeld episode |

Ileane Smith |

Gabe Johansson |

Pure Jewel Designs |

Flipzles |

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Exceptional women share their blog traffic secrets ~ PART 1


I'm particularly excited this moment with these women - female bloggers who responded to my mail and decided to open up and share their blog traffic secrets wit(...)
Ileane Smith:

I have to give a ton of credit to all of the awesome content provided by the guest bloggers I host on my blog (Enstine is a fine example of what I’m referring to). I update the blog frequently and I like to embed videos and podcasts into as many blog posts as possible. I also do a lot of networking on social media. From a techie standpoint I use Thesis Theme and SEOPressor plugin to attract traffic from search engines.

Visit Ileane’s blog

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ms. ileane speaks: Claim Your Blog on Technorati in 2013


Technorati is a popular blog directory and bloggers can get traffic when they submit their listing. 

A review of the 2012 traffic stats for Basic Blog Tips, my primary blog, shows that because of the directory listing, Technorati became the #5 source of referral traffic for the entire year. 

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30 Bite-Sized Writing Tips From 30 Great Bloggers


With the release of the Writer’s Bootcamp just around the corner, I thought now would be a good time to publish the best round-up post I’ll publish this year. yea...

22. Ileane Smith ‏@BasicBlogTips - Blog Promotion Manifesto

“Re-purpose your best blog content in a podcast, video and SlideShare presentation for maximum reach.”

Ileane Smith:

Great tips here from some awesome bloggers! I'm honored to be mentioned along with them.

donhornsby's curator insight, January 31, 2013 6:53 AM

(From the article): Take good notes, something tells me these people know what they’re talking about. =)


Great input!

Ana Boa-ventura's comment, January 31, 2013 9:43 AM
Very helpful- learn from the great ones:) Sharing with educators in Europe!
Ileane Smith's comment, January 31, 2013 10:08 AM
Thanks Don and Ana!

Blog Influencers | Get Life Strong


Thinking of earning online? There are tons out there. One surefire online good earners are those people behind establish blog sites. They earn in different way and style. It’s been more than ... 

BASICBLOGTIPS of Ileane Smith. Most of the times when I’m searching something about blogging, her site always popping up. It seems, Ileane is everywhere  . She is having a good job with her SEO thing for sure. The story how she got her site’s logo is very inspiring for new aspiring graphic designer. She looks very approachable for an expert, I’ll get in touch with you soon Ileane. 

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WordPress Company Automattic Buys Popular Synced Note-Taking App - Small Business Trends


Online business means blogging. In fact, what is arguably the most popular form of digital publishing is so inextricably linked to entrepreneurship, its importance is rarely questioned. In this post, we’ll look at developments at one of the most popular blog platforms around and talk about blog techniques and other tools likely to help your business efforts online....

Blogs for Business

Take the a-list. Blogging is about establishing a presence and a voice for yourself and your business, but of course, there’s plenty of competition out there. So the key is to distinguish your blog’s voice and your personal brand from all the rest. Guest blogger Justin Young suggests taking tips from superstars like Michael Jordan when elevating your performance as a blogger. Basic Blog Tips

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10 Useful Social Media Marketing and Promotion Tips for Bloggers


If you're looking for more tips and help for promoting your blog and increasing your blog traffic, these social media marketing tips are sure to help...

6 Effective Ways to Promote Your Blog Using Social Media
Read You’re sure to find Noah’s post handy. He brings up an interesting point: “social media and blogging [are] as one.” Because of this it’s important to know the proper ways to market your blog via social media.  This post explains how to effectively use 5 of those methods. Are you using them all?

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Where to Promote Your YouTube Videos?


You should spend as much time promoting your videos as you do creating them. Not sure how to promote your YouTube videos? Start with this master list....

Scoop It reminds me of a hybrid of Pinterest and StumbleUpon. You can create and/or follow various topics on the site and pin or “scoop” posts into your topic list.

I found a great YouTube Tips and Tricks board curated by the always awesome Ms. Ileane from Basic Blog Tips. Check it out!

Ileane Smith:

Only problem with this post is that I can't decide which one of my boards to on!! Oh well, guess I'll have to share it on more than one. :)

Thanks for the awesome shout out and more props for!

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SCORE Recognizes Businesses for Martin Luther King Jr. Day - Small Business Trends


We talk a great deal about the practical aspects of starting and running a small business. Perhaps we don’t spend enough time thinking about the great values promoted by entrepreneurs and small business owners. As Martin Luther King Jr. Day is observed here in the U.S., it may be a good time to reflect upon the differences that we, as entrepreneurs, can make in the world. Read more...

Build your network. Whether building a social movement or a business, networking is important. Building a network is easier than most people think, and it certainly doesn’t need to begin and end with your Facebook account. In fact, in this guest post, Jessy Troy, blogger for DIY Gadgets, talks about how the practice of guest blogging among online entrepreneurs can create a powerful and influential network you can put to work for many of your business needs. Basic Blog Tips

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Triberr or Just Retweet – Which is Right for You Now?


Triberr or Just Retweet – The Pros and cons of each when sharing your content via social media channels
Ileane Smith:

I'm a big fan of JustRetweet and I highly recommend it. 

Lisa Sicard's comment, January 19, 2013 3:11 PM
Thanks Ileane for sharing!
Ileane Smith's comment, January 20, 2013 1:04 AM
You're welcome. Thanks for the mention.

Design, Traffic, & Monetization: Website Success in 2013

From Learn how to SUCCESSFULLY build a website and monetize it in this informative Google Hangout On Air with "Niche Website Success" a...
Ileane Smith:

Fantasic interview with Lisa Irby! Catch the shout out at time stamp 58:27

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Can You Milk The Twitter Cow Directly From Your Blog? via @ZenSpill



The Most Effective Button Locations.

There is a really great post at Ms.Ileane Smith’s blog, that talks about all the reasons why someone wouldn’t share your post on Twitter. One of the points the post makes is that no one would bother sharing a post if the sharing buttons are even a little hard to find. But it works the other way around too. The easier it is to find the tweet button, the more likely people are to actually tweet it. So here’s the breakdown of the best locations for the tweet button in order of most effective.....

Ileane Smith:

My comment on the post: Twitter has so many new tricks these days I think I missed a couple of them. For example #7 – I’m not sure I’ve seen those around much on blogs and I think it’s kind of nifty. I’ll give it a try.

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