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Social Media Marketing Tips to Promote Your Business


Blog post at Fill My Money Box : Thanks to the Internet, we are now able to instantly communicate with almost anyone around the world.

Promoting your business, using YouTube

YouTube is like television which can be broadcasted by anyone, which makes it a great alternative to paying lots of money for expensive ads on your regular television.

To promote yourself here you should create a YouTube channel for your business, where you can regularly add fun and useful videos, and afterwards encouraging people to share them with others.

Every week or so, post a short video of yourself, offering advice and tips for your customers and/ or demonstrating the product that you sell.

Ask customer to upload videos of how they use your product or service and let others vote on their favorites.

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J.C. Penney Struggles Through Sales Difficulties - Small Business Trends


Growth Potential

The search for customers. The search for more prospects and customers is an inherent part of growing your business, particularly when going through major transitions. Fortunately, there are plenty of creative ways to build your audience and, by extension, your potential customer base. Here Ileane Smith shows us a few simple approaches for building an e-mail list using nothing but a YouTube account. Consider this approach as one technique for gathering prospects your business could convert into new customers. Miss Ileane Speaks
Ileane Smith:

It's always nice to be mentioned on the Small Business Trends blog. This time they mentioned my pocast and the episode where I speak about growing your email list with YouTube videos.

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10 YouTube Channels for Bloggers, By Bloggers | ReelSEO


Everyone has thought of opening up a blog at some point, and most of us have attempted it. For some, it will become a huge success.

Ms. Ileane Speaks

An expert on blogging, SEO and podcast creation, Ms. Ileane has been posting videos since 2009. She has several series currently uploaded, on topics like social media and Google Chrome extensions. You can also visit her website, BasicBlogTips.

Source: 10 YouTube Channels for Bloggers, By Bloggers
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