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Want To Improve Your Social Media Game? #FridayFinds


Blog post at Keep Up With The Web - Sherryl Perry : In this week’s Friday Finds, we’re going to take a look at some of the ways that you can beef up your social media strategy...

Do You Have a Strategy for Triberr?

Usually, I feature articles, videos and slide shares that have recently been published in this series but I’m making an exception this week. I want to share Ileane Smith’s YouTube video Reach Millions of People on Twitter with Triberr, Although this video was uploaded in September of 2013, her content is still relevant and hopefully some readers here will benefit from watching it.

As an intro, when Ileane Smith (of created this video, she had only been active on Triberr for two to three months. In that time, she built a tribe with a reach of over one million. So, what can we learn from Ileane about Triberr? You’ll have to watch for yourself, but (as I often do in these Friday Finds posts), I’ve bullet pointed some of Ileane’s best Triberr tips here:

  • Find tribes with diversity (to break up monotony)
  • Option of setting up Automatic Sharing
  • Prime membership with an Atomic Tribe
Ileane Smith:

Sherryl Perry put together and excellent weekly roundup for the second week on July 2014. Yet it was very kind of her to include my Triberr video from late last year. 

Here's my comment:

Hi Sherryl! This post is packed with some of the best Social Media tips around. Thanks so much for including my YouTube video on Triberr. That makes my day! Triberr is responsible for lot of my traffic and I’m making some great connections there as well!

Rebekah always has such useful blog posts and so does Adam. I commented on Stuart’s post and he and I had a nice little chat about monitoring tools. I’ll stop by and check out the the other posts you shared asap.

Have a great day Sherryl!

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Jeff Sieh Google+ - "Circle Ileane Smith! I had a question on +Ileane Smith's tribe on Triberr and she took the time to make me my own private video explaining how to set it up properly!"


Circle Ileane Smith!

Get this.  I had a question on +Ileane Smith's tribe on Triberr and she took the time to make me my own private video explaining how…

Make sure that you circle this kind and generous lady, but also read her content! She is incredibly knowledgeable about blogging, YouTube marketing, and podcasting.  You'll be glad you did.

Ileane Smith:

Read more of the comments on Google+

Lisa Sicard's comment, January 8, 2014 6:47 AM
" I'm not surprised - she is always helping others including myself " amazing lady!

What Was Worth Reading This Week: This Can Save Your Online Business


This is already the third week that I'm doing a news roundup, I barely write anything besides these. Sad. Anyways lets get started....


Triberr is a very powerful app that allows you to easily spread your newest content. It helps you drive traffic and social shares to your blog posts almost immediately. Check out this blog post by Ileane Smith to learn more about Triberr.

Ileane Smith:

My Comment:

Great link round up for the week.

I’m looking forward to checking out Michelle’s site and listening to Jon Loomer’s latest Facebook podcast.

Thanks for featuring two posts from Basic Blog Tips. I appreciate it.

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You Want Traffic to Your Site? Join Triberr! - Randy Hilarski Dot Com


So you are a blogger and you want traffic to your site? Why not sign up for Triberr to drive traffic to your site...

If you are motivated there is no excuse why you should not have traffic to your site. Today we have so many options as bloggers to have our content showcased. Thanks to bloggers like Ileane Smith of Basic Blog, Mike Allton of The Social Media Hat and Reginald Chan of ReginaldChan.Net I have learned of some great ways to have my content seen and shared.

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