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Shout out from Mia Voss on Social Media Power Chat

Thanks for the shout out @themiaconnect #batcrapcrazy #ileanegram

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Scooped by Ileane Smith!

My New Hashtag #ileanegram | Tagboard

My New Hashtag #ileanegram | Tagboard | Basic Blog Tips |
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Ileane Smith's insight:

Every article I read about using hashtags suggest that we create our own unique hashtag for branding purposes. 

Tagboard is a services that lets you find and track hashtags from Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Vine and Google+. 

You can register your unique hashtags on Tagboard. 

On Google+ I shared this to mark the occasion:

BREAKING! After careful consideration and about 90 seconds of interrupted thought, I came up with my new hashtag! Yippee!!


Feel free to like it, share it or use it as you wish. :)
(unruly eyebrows are mandatory)

Btw - other hashtags I registerd on Tagboard so far:



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