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All About jewelry
Just be on the lookout for special unique pieces of jewelry, and fulfilling the curiosity about the stories, history and the culture behind the treasury material and design.
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Rescooped by Mariam from La Biennale - Paris!

Bulgari Unveils its Biennale des Antiquaires Collection | San Francisco Luxury Living

Bulgari Unveils its Biennale des Antiquaires Collection | San Francisco Luxury Living | All About jewelry |

Bulgari recently celebrated the 2012 San Francisco Opera Ball in their beautiful Union Square store at a private event hosted by Dede Wilsey and Bulgari’s US President, Alberto Festa.


At the event Bulgari also unveiled, for the first time in the United States, its collection of High Jewelry pieces made exclusively for the 2012 Biennale des Antiquaires in Paris. Â A gorgeous collection!


Inspiration for the imagery of some Bulgari’s latest creations is said to come from Cleopatra. For instance the Serpenti necklace, with emeralds, turquoise and diamonds, was created for the Biennale des Antiquaires as a tribute to the legendary queen, and is meant to convey her power, charm and sensuality.


Other pieces were designed in homage to Elizabeth Taylor, one of the great connoisseurs of Bulgari’s jewelry.

Via Syndicat National des Antiquaires
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Rescooped by Mariam from annajones1078!

May Birthstone: The Regal Emerald

When you hear the word “emerald,” Cleopatra or Elizabeth Taylor may come to mind – both women were famous for their love of these regal green jewels. Emeralds have a place in our hearts too – we live in the Emerald City, after all. Lately our customers have been drawn to this amazing gemstone as they shop Isadoras' vintage heirloom collection for engagement rings and right-hand rings.


The emerald's deep green color reflects the first signs of spring's new growth and has long been considered to have calming, peaceful properties.


Historically, the emerald stone was reputed to do practically everything from endowing its wearer with the ability to tell the future to serving as an antidote for enchantments.


Emeralds are the green variety of the mineral beryl (the blue variety is aquamarine). Due to the nature of their formation all emeralds have inclusions.


Even though emeralds are hard and cannot be easily scratched, they can be chipped or broken. It is common to see an emerald encircled by diamonds or white sapphires, which add even more sparkle, but also protect the emerald's edges.


Emeralds add an intense depth of color to any setting and make stellar non-traditional engagement rings.


Emeralds should be cleaned with a gentle detergent solution and a very soft brush. Never use steam or any solution that contains petroleum distillates.


Emeralds are the most challenging gems to cut.

The Cleopatra Emerald below is a perfect example – it took three months to cut. And it is the largest emerald in the world, weighing 40, 175 carats. (This gem is now on the market.)


The Chalk Emerald ring is 37.82 carats, surrounded by 60 pear-shaped diamonds (15 carats). The emerald was originally set in a necklace owned by the Maharani Saheba in India, whose son eventually inherited it. In the mid-twentieth century, the stone was cut down and set into a ring designed by Harry Winston. It is now part of the Smithsonian National Gem and Mineral Collection (and you can buy a replica in the gift shop!)


Richard Burton gave Elizabeth Taylor a stunning emerald Bulgari necklace. Taylor wrote: “Richard was so romantic that he'd use any excuse to give me a piece of jewelry.”


We believe emeralds are romantic too. This amazing Art Deco emerald and diamond ring is one of our most looked at and asked about rings in the store. The emerald is 3.18 carats and the diamonds weigh a total of 1.86 carats. What a stunner!


Emeralds are bewitching, delicious, and absolutely beautiful.


Below are some of the lovely emerald pieces you will find in the antique heirloom collection at Isadoras.

Left:  Circa 1950 Diamond Emerald Earrings

Upper Right:  Stunning Art Deco Diamond and Emerald Ring

Lower Right:  Emerald Diamond Ring

Upper Left:  Fine Estate Emerald Diamond Ring

Upper Right:  c. 1910 Diamond Ring

Lower Left:  Victorian Emerald and Diamond Ring

Lower Right:  Marquise-Shaped Emerald Ring

Upper Left:  Victorian Emerald Diamond Cocktail Ring

Upper Right:  Edwardian Diamond and Emerald Ring

Bottom:  Fine Estate Emerald Ring


If you have any questions, you can reach our knowledgeable staff at 206.441.7711, or e-mail Isadoras Antique Jewelry at

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