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In #Bahrain the injured & those who witness horrific crimes of the regime are targeted. An example of this is Mohd Ali Ebrahim from Saar.
Mohd attended the funeral of martyr Ali Mushiame3 on Feb 18th which headed towards pearl sq.
young men with nothing but flags headed to to pearl sq. to insist on their right to peacefully protest and demand their rights.
This is how the regime dealt with those peaceful protesters
martyr Mohd Redha Abuhmaids brutal killing is shown in the previous video. Mohammed Ali was by his side and got shot in the chest.
Here is Mohammed Ali minutes after being shot in the chest, being carried by other protesters
The bullet went though Mods chest & out his back Very graphic photo of doctors trying to save Mohds life
In only one month Mohd Ali had 5 surgeries, but this was only the beginning of this young mans suffering.
The regime took over Salmaniya hospital and Mohd Ali was one of the victims who were beaten and tortured while in hospital.
Mohd Ali was then arrested, moved to military hospital, where he was blindfolded and handcuffed to the bed.
In June Mohds family got a call to attend his trial, this was the first trial & they went with a lawyer.
In the first trial session Mohd got sentenced! WIth no lawyer Mohd got sentenced to 3 yrs imprisonment for illegal gathering.
In the appeal, Mohds sentence was reduced to 2 years imprisonment, he was moved to horrifying Jaw prison where he is until this day.
Mohd went on hungerstrike to demand his release, on the 1st day of his strike he got beaten severely & threatened with rape.
Doctors says that Mohd needs more operations but he has not been allowed to get the necessary treatment for his condition.
3 days ago Mohd went on a 2nd hungerstrike to demand treatment.
Mohd Ali called his family today & told them he's been transferred to the fort prison hospital,
Mohd Ali has been targeted by the regime in #Bahrain for 2 reasons, the 1st is injuries are used by the regime to identify the protesters.
2nd reason Mohd is targeted by regime is hes 1 of the primary witnesses of killing of Martyr AbdulRedha who was shot in the head .
This one young man, Mohd Ali was shot, tortured in hospital, sentenced in an unfair trial, detained, and denied treatment.