Saudi Wahhabi authorities arrest Shiite human rights activist ‘Abbas Al-Mazra’ | The Shia Post | Human Rights and the Will to be free |

Saudi Wahhabi security forces surrounded the house of human rights activist, Abbas Ali Mohammed Al-Mazra, 28 years, from Al-Awamiya town who figured on a list of 23 Shiites wanted in the Shiite village of Al-Awamiya in Eastern Province, on 29 July 2013,

The citizen Al-Mazra was with his mother and brothers when the forces stormed into the house  firing live-bullets and his entire property was set on fire including his vehicles.

The forces searched another apartments belonged to Al-Mazra’s brothers.

Abbas Al-Mazra and six of his brothers, Salim, Mahdi, Mohammad, Faris, Salih and Mohsen, were being beaten by security forces as they lay handcuffed on the floor.

Saudi security also arrested the citizen, Mohammad al-Thoweimer, Al-Mazra’s neighbor, as he going to his work.

The forces moved the prisoners to the police station with Al-Mazra’s mother, his brothers’ wives and children who were released later....