PAK: Punjab: Active Shiite Leader Nasir Abbas arrested under false allegations – Shia Killing | Human Rights and the Will to be free |

In another clear portrayal of the Punjab Government’s anti-Shiite views, an active Shiite Leader Nazir Abbas, known to have been working closely with Martyr Askari Raza, was arrested by Punjab Police in Lahore’s Johar Town today.

Abbas was arrested under allegations of Blasphemy against the Prophet [s.a.w.] in Jhelum and other district of Punjab. These allegations were placed upon him by known members of the banned Extremist Political Organization, Sipah-e-Sahaba Pakistan, who are known to be anti-Shiites and believed to be behind the ongoing Shiite Genocide in Pakistan. Protests are underway in Multan and other cities of Pakistan for the immediate release of Nazir Abbas.

Pakistani government’s actions leaves people flabbergasted as prominent Shiite Leaders get arrested under questionable accusations whereas the known leaders, funders and followers of the banned and murdering organizations are free to move around. Indeed the workers of SSP who were previously arrested for the murders of upto a 100 Shiites have been released and have been known to confess to the murders and promise to continue their ‘mission’.