PAK: Gilgit-Baltistan: Shiite Genocide continues as Security Agencies try to cover up the number of casualties – Shia Killing | Human Rights and the Will to be free |

According to recent news, the number of martyrs in the Chilas attack could be more than 9. The security agencies have cut off all connections to Gilgit in an attempt to cover up the number of casualties. The shut down of the internet, telephones and all land routes is a conspiracy to keep the real news from the people of Pakistan; to avoid Shiite ignited anger and protests. ...

Shiites have been lovers of the Ahlulbayt and of their country. Therefore they are led to question the reason that the Security Agencies incharge of providing them protection are extremely biased towards them? Shiites are angered by the Agencies who clear the paths for the terrorists and murderers but create hurdles in the paths of Hussaini Shiites who believe in living and letting live. The wounds of the Kohistan Massacre, execution style, had not yet been filled that the Extremist inhumane Yazidi Terrorists have now killed Shiites in Chilas,
same execution style, but using stones instead of guns, with such force that several of the people’s skulls were fractured, their faces shapeless.