PAK: Balochistan: Terrorists open fire killing a Shiite, Mohammed Saheel – Shia Killing | Human Rights and the Will to be free |

In the ongoing Shiite Genocide in Pakistan, Muchh became the next city where Shiites are no longer safe to reside. It is a small city bordering Quetta in Pakistan’s Balochistan Province, where extremists opened fire today, killing a Shiites Muslim Mohammed Saheel s/o Mohammed Irfan Bangash.

Furthermore, Saheel the resident of Majeed Ward, Muchh, suffered multiple gunshot wounds as a result of being blindly fired on by extremists. He was rushed to the Civil Hospital but later died of his injuries.

The murder of Mohammed Saheel is just another in a long string of Shiite killings which has been going on in Pakistan for several years now. Despite this, the Security Agencies and the Government seem helpless to control this continued genocide. Indeed in several areas of Pakistan, Security Agencies have turned against Shiites and arrested several for protesting this genocide as the Media continues its silence on the killings.