Human Rights and the Will to be free
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Human Rights and the Will to be free
Bahrain, MENA & Arab Spring
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14 February Revolution Lulu Charter conference held - Manama

14 February Revolution Lulu Charter conference held - Manama | Human Rights and the Will to be free |

Believing change is the law of God, the revolution in Bahrain, which sparked on the 14th of February 2011, was largely inspired by the Islamic Awakening and the Arab Spring and other revolutions worldwide. The revolution is a continuation of two centuries long struggle between the Al-Khalifa tribe and the people of Bahrain.

First: February 14Revolution Unleashed
Pearl Square had been the focal point for peaceful demonstrations that united various sectors and political movements. Despite their peaceful movement, people were confronted with extreme state violence. The regime has repeatedly ignored calls for reform, so people found no choice except to overthrow this regime and rebuild a new one.

Second: The Coalition of the Youth of 14 Feb Revolution
It was burn from heart of the revolution and was constituted by independent young revolutionaries who shared the vision of anyone who has offered sacrifices for the sake of democracy and freedom. The Coalition vows to continue on the revolutionary action until the illegitimate regime of Al-Khalifa is overthrown and the right to self-determination is realized.

Third: Principles of the Revolution
Guided by core Islamic rules to stand against injustice and slavery and uphold freedom and dignity, we stress on a number of principles boil down to:
Since the regime of Al-Khalifa is illegitimate, it should be dealt.

The revolution is authentic and patriotic thus rejects external intervention, so foreign intervention in its all types and from any country would be considered as an illegal occupation that must be driven out.
Unity of nation comes in the first place; therefore, every effort from any party and all appropriate options should be utilized to serve the objectives of the revolution.

Forth: Goals of the Revolution:
Goals of revolution boil down to:
1-Overthrowing the tribal and illegitimate regime of Al-Khalifa and bring figureheads to justice and Preserve the Islamic and Arab identity of Bahrain.

2-Gaining self-determination and the right to choose the political system that meets aspirations and ensures the safety and security for all citizens through Impartial judiciary and separation of the three powers (legislative, executive and judicial) that guarantees equality and prohibits discrimination .besides, equitable distribution of wealth, and maintain the resources of the nation for future generations

3- Create a realistic solution to resolve the issue of political and systematic naturalization, which has been used by Al-Khalifa regime to distort the original identity and the basic demographics of the country.

4-estublishing a new constitution for the country by entrusted elected members of a national body after toppling the illegitimate regime.

Fifth: Mechanisms of Revolutionary Work and Activities
They insist on peace and force is restricted to self-defense.
Work activities are classified into five categories as follow:
A) Fieldwork
People from all sectors, age groups of the society take part in various protest activities from which civil resistance is vital, in addition to improving existing means and creating new ones that youth revolutionaries take the massive part in.
B) Media Activities
Because it plays a critical role, media takes importance in the revolutionary work including conveying demands of the revolution and revolutionaries to the world and exposing brutality of the illegitimate Al-Khalifa regime and mercenaries, and condemn the occupation of Saudi forces and the complicity of the Western countries, in addition to producing audio-visual and written material on the revolution to preserve it within the cultural and historical heritage of the country.

C) Human Rights Activities
1. Monitor human rights violations, and establish permanent links with human right defenders and organizations around the world.
2. Follow-up and fully support lawsuits filed against the figureheads of the illegitimate regime of Al-Khalifa in international courts.

C) Political Activities
1. Cooperate with the revolutionary tide that has swept the region and the world, and support the legitimate demands for freedom, dignity and justice.

2. Forge appropriate political alliances to support the demands of the revolution, and create the necessary political and diplomatic pressure to achieve them.
3. Open pathways for cooperation and coordination with various regional and international bodies based on parity and power stemming from the belief in our cause; persist on demanding the right of the people to self-determination and to establishing the political system that they truly deserve.

This document summarizes our vision regarding the political situation in our beloved homeland, which we to struggle to shift from a grim present to a bright future, free from the brutal and dictatorial Al-Khalifa regime. We pray to Allah to guide and support us in restoring our lost freedom and dignity. We vow to our martyrs, detainees and people that we shall never deviate from the revolutionary path until our victory is achieved.

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Lulu Charter: Page 6

(A) Field Works:

1. The revolutionary field work is the core of the revolution, it its based on
the strong presence on the fields and the contribution of all parts and
segments of society.
2. This move depends on the diversity of movements in proportion to the
different age categories and segments to ensure the participation of all
people in the revolutionary activities such as, marches, demonstrations
and sit-ins etc.,
3. Reinforce the civil resistance that is based on popular mobilization such
Civil Disobedience, General Strikes, with the development of the
methods of resistance based on the requirements of the phase and the
variables of the situation.
4. Strengthening the self-abilities of the youth of the revolution in creating
field activities that generate an active pressure that pushes towards
overthrowing the regime and towards self-determination.


Given the important role played by the, visual media, broadcast media
and written media, it took a significant part in the rebel’s activities based on:

1. Expose the repressive practices of the brutal Khalifa regime and its
mercenaries, condemning the Saudi occupation and the world super
powers by documenting the media materials and publishing them to the
world, holding seminars and press conferences, doing television and
media interviews, and other methods of publicizing the cause.
2. Confirm the demands of overthrowing the regime and self-
determination, and focus on the media to impose the demands on the
regional and international scene.
3. Produce and create written and visual media related to the revolution
and the historical struggle of the Bahraini people to glorify the cultural
heritage, and the identity of the nation.


Human Rights Work

1. Monitoring and documenting human rights violations and
communicating with the global and regional human rights
2. Follow-up with the cases and lawsuits against the symbols of the Khalifa
regime in international courts and strongly support it.

Media works.

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Lulu Charter: page 4

Second: The 14 February Coalition

The 14 February coalition was born from the womb of this glorious
popular revolution by the hands of independent youth, independent from any
political believes, political societies, or sectarian believe, panted in the colors
of the entire nation without discrimination, pledging to the souls of the
martyrs, the wounded, the detainees, the entire people of our nation, and to
country itself, to continue the struggle and the revolution until reaching the
peoples goals of overthrowing the regime and achieving self determination.

Third: The principles of the revolution

Motivated by the core principles of Islam that is against slavery,
oppression and embracing Dignity and Freedom, we emphasis on these points:

1. The patriotism and independence of this revolution, and the refusal of
all kinds of interference, guardianship and dependency of our
2. The Khalifa regime has lost its of legitimacy and will not be dealt with
under any circumstances.
3. Liberating the country from all oppressors’ current and future, which
are represented now by the Khalifa regime.
4. The refusal of any foreign interference specially the Saudi occupation
that is supporting the Khalifa regime and consider it an occupying force
that need to be fought and pushed out of our country by all means
5. Not to get involved in any side disagreements and differences amongst
rebels, which can create an obstacle in the path of our revolution.
6. To value and appreciate any effort from any party or individual that is in
the interest of the revolution, the rights of our people and will lead to
7. Activation of all options to lead this revolution to victory and to achieve
its goals.
8. Motivate the pride of the national identity and patriotism, and treat
people based on their loyalty to the country and their patriotism.

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THE LULU CHARTER......... | Human Rights and the Will to be free |  


[A MUST READ!  Clearly, a new Bahrain nation is coming into being.  Historically, this is one of the early Revolutionary documents of the Founding Fathers of the new Government!  Excellent!]

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Lulu Charter: Page 7


Political works.

1. Cooperation and harmonies with the revolutionary tide that has engulfed
the region and the world, and support the just demands of all people
yearning for freedom, dignity and justice.
2. Make the appropriate political alliances to support the revolutions
demands, and the exercise of political and diplomatic pressure to
achieve them.
3. Open the way for cooperation and understanding with the various
regional and international powers in terms of parity, from a position of
strength by the belief in the justice of the case, and standing firm to
people's right to self-determination and establish a system of
government that the people of Bahrain deserves as, patient, educated
and informed people.



The foregoing is a summary of our view of the political situation for
our precious Bahrain, that we are aiming to build its present and beautiful
future, away from the awful dictatorship represented by the Khalifa
criminal regime hoping from God the Almighty to take our hands towards
the coast of security, integrity and safety, and to guide us to victory on
those who oppressed us, with a pledge to our martyrs, wounded, detained
and our nation to continue our struggle and revolution until we achieve

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Lulu Charter: Page 5

Four: The aim and Goal of the revolution

1. The over throwing of the Khalifa tribal regime that lost its legitimacy
and prosecute its heads and leaders for the crimes they committed
against humanity towards the people and the country headed by Hamad
2. The confirmation and emphasis on the peoples right of self-
determination and giving them choice of any Political system they agree
on (Constitutional Monarchy, Republic, etc.,) that will satisfy the people
ambitions and needs.
3. The dismantling of the security establishments and restructuring them
in a way that will protect the citizens and ensure their safety and
4. Forming an independent judiciary system that is not controlled by the
Executive authorities.
5. Reinforcing the principle of separation of three powers (Legislative -
executive – judicial).
6. Protecting the national unity and social fabric, the encouragement of
justice and equality, and to ban discrimination amongst citizens.
7. To find a realistic fair solution for the systematic political naturalization
issue that was enforced by the current regime to mutilate the identity of
the nation and change the demographic structure of the country.
8. To protect and maintain the Arabic and Islamic identity of the country.
9. The formation of a national body to oversee the election of a constituent
assembly that works on a new constitution for the country after the fall
of the Khalifa regime.
10. Emphasis on equitable distribution of wealth, And maintenance of the
wealth of the nation and its gains for future generations.

Five: Mechanism of revolutionary action

The 14 February revolution is based on the peaceful Islamic values that
interacts with the events on the bases of strong believe in the revolutions just
cause, and applies the sacred defense principles, the protection of honors,
defy oppression and repelling aggressors, based on the verse: {whom ever
attack you, attack him the same way he attacked you} (equivalent to an eye
for an eye in bible), and from there, we emphasis on these mechanisms:

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Lulu Carter: page3

Lulu Charter

For the (14 February Revolution)


The 14 February revolution in Bahrain as not the a spontaneous, it was
triggered by the Islamic awakening and the Arab spring Encouraged by the
unstoppable urge for change that engulfed the area and the whole world, and
the result of a long fight for children of this wounded country since it became
the loot of an invading tribe for the past 230 years by Treachery and blood,
and this practice continued with them generation after the other, mastering
the art of domination on the this proud nation, looting the wealth of this
country, tearing off its society, spreading division amongst its people,
stepping on its dignity, and maltreating and mistreating whom ever dares to
ask for his rights.

First: The 14 February revolution. The starting point

The oppression practiced by the Al Khalifa tribe for more than two
centuries, the Islamic awakening and the Arab spring unchained the urge in
the souls of the Bahraini nation to emancipation and freedom from the
brutality of the ruling regime, which triggered the first spark of the glorious
revolution of 14 February, that was embraced by the Lulu Square, which was
at the peak of peaceful, patriotism and unity in their demands although
participants came from different sects, believes and political views, but it was
faced by suppression in its worst ways of brutality and violence that exceeded
all norms of international society, believe, humanity, legality, which made the
Khalifa regime burn all the bridges between the nation and their regime,
revoking every pledge they made to our nation, committing every crime in
known to mankind by the hands of mercenaries brought from all over the
region specially to suppress our people and our nation, releasing the demons
of hate and sectarianism by the means of a media and propaganda machine
from the national sectarian television, sacking thousands of people from their
jobs, violating peoples honors sexually, and the infringement on everything
the people hold holy and sacred, and by doing this the regime wrote the
ending of its bloody reign in our country, and planted in the minds and souls
of our people a clear demand that unchangeable anymore and became the
main goal for our people, this is the right of self determination, after it
became clear for our people that the option of reform and
co-existence with this regime is now impossible, and that all the
uprisings, the efforts to live with the wounds and the efforts to co-exist was
only faced by brutality, betrayal, suppression and empty promises.

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