Great Idea!  - Make doormats for sale, all proceeds go to the families of the martyrs! | Human Rights and the Will to be free |

We need a doormat manufacturer who can print these to make  contact so we can get this underway.  This will bring Millions of $'s of support to needy families.  Guaranteed to be a hot item, everybody wants to wipe their feet on this.....I offer the public domain name of 'Hamadmat' as the branding!   Needs to be very durable.....stays around even after you wish it was gone!  Years, and years, after you pray that it is over and done, it is still there eating dirt!   You can buy one, but they're cheaper by the 'Khalifa,' (a unit of measure denoting thousands)  Anyway, If you get just one, or you get a Khalifas-worth, they ALL EAT DIRT!