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10 people were accused in the case of cutting the tongue of the Prayer Caller "Mo'athen" Erfan, 2 of which are charged with Incitement only.

The 10 are:
1.Sami Ahmed Ali Maki Meftah
2.Abdulhadi Ebrahim Khalil Ebrahim
3.Mohammed Maki Ahmed Tarif
4.Fadhel Abbas Mohammed Abbas Ali
5.Mohammed Abdulla Mansoor Hassan
6.Hussain Ahmed Hussain Ali Ahmed
7.Mohammed Ali Ahmed Ali Marhoon
8.Mohammed Habib Mansoor AlMeqdad
9.Aqeel Ahmed Ali Mahfoodh
10.Hassan Mohammed

List of charges are:
1.Intentially causing preminant disability
2.Breaking & entering
3.Damaging private property

The 10 are accused with following the victim "Erfan Mohammed Ahmed" while he was walking in the street & attacking him with weapons. And while he tried to runaway and go home they followed him, broke the door into his house and attacked him while one of them cut his tongue.

The name of the victim whose tongue has been cut (as per the government officials) is: Erfan Ahmed Bakhash Mohammed. His name was checked in ministry of labour work permit records, where he appeared to work in construction. He is not from Bangaladish (what the government claimed to be) he is pakistani who arrived in Bahrain on 18 April 2010 to work in the construction company.

As per the record, he does not live in Manama (area close by the Pearl Square) as the Government claims, He lives in Muharraq (different island altogether).

Erfan worked in laying bricks and he was supposed to meet someone for work related matters that day. He wasn't answering his phone, so this person called Erfan's friends (Abdulrahman and Ghazi) who confirmed that he was sent to Pakistan because he was severly injured at work. On 7 Sept, this person called Erfan in Pakistan and he was in good health.

This is Erfan's work permit http://byshr.org/wp-content/BYSHR-truth.pdf showing his job description and area of residence. Shows also that he is 24 years old Pakistani and not Bengali.

The court was informed about this document and the person who personally spoke to Erfan is willing to testify. The court did not consider the evidence or the witness, yet sentenced the 10 to 15 years of prison each.

This shows how the governmet is using the case of the labourer to ignite secterianism in the country and manupilating the facts to support their claims of the revolution being single sect only.


God bless all who have made this report possible. Names have been redacted to preserve anonymity.


Thank you, so much!