Ni Yulan - Illegally imprisoned in China for human rights work | Human Rights and the Will to be free |

For more than a decade, human rights lawyer Ni Yulan has defended those whose rights have been abused. 

Ni Yulan has defended people who have been forcibly evicted from their homes by housing developers across China since 2001. She herself was also evicted, and watched her home get demolished shortly before the Beijing Olympic Games, when there was massive urban development and many forced evictions. 

She has practised law for 18 years but because of her human rights work, her licence to practice law has been revoked.

Ni Yulan has been held in illegal detention for nearly 600 days and is still behind bars. 

She has faced more than one unfair trial and, after she was evicted from her home, the Chinese authorities blocked her from renting an apartment and staying with friends, forcing her to live on the street. 

Amnesty International has grave concerns about Ni Yulan’s health. She has become more and more frail during her current two-and-a-half year prison sentence at the Xicheng District Detention Centre, and now faces serious health challenges, including an untreated thyroid tumor.

She simply cannot endure more time behind bars. The Chinese authorities’ only goal is to make sure she is silenced so that she can no longer continue her work defending human rights.  

Amnesty International believes Ni Yulan is a prisoner of conscience detailed solely for her peaceful and legitimate activities as a lawyer.