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Baloch Republican Army commander Haq Nawaz Bugti martyred fighting with occupying forces in Noshki on Tuesday.

According to details, armed clashes between freedom fighters of Baloch Republican Army and occupying forces of Pakistan took place in Noshki area of Balochistan. The occupying forces faced heavy casualties and other damages. BRA Commander Haq Nawaz Bugti was leading the Baloch freedom fighters in the clashes.

He was martyred fighting with occupying forces with all bravery and courage. Shaheed Commander Haq Nawaz Bugti was affiliated with Baloch Republican Army for past many years. He was proud son of senior Baloch leader Sher Mohammad Bugti. He was one of senior commanders of BRA equiped with huge guerrilla talent and courage. Baloch Republican Army pays richest tributes to struggle and ultimate sacrifice of Shaheed Haq Nawaz Bugti. BRA vows to continue the fight for freedom of Balochistan for which thousands sons of the soil paid the sacrifices of their lives