BNCHR - Balochistan bleeds, Three killed in cold Blood by military in Mastung | Human Rights and the Will to be free |

Mastung (18/1/2013) : Pakistani military forces have launched a military aggression against Baloch Nation in Mastung. According to details Killi Pirkano, a Baloch settlement in Mastung was besieged in the early hours of the day. Military assaulted the mud houses with sophisticated weapons, and killed a resident Rasheed Baloch , wounded Saddam Baloch and Shahjehan Baloch. Wounded are reportedly killed in cold blood later on in the custody of military. Dozens of residents are arrested and taken to military torture cells.

While area is still under siege, all the means of communication are cut off, roads and pathways are blocked by the military. Women and children are forced to live shelter less in harsh cold weather. It may be noted that temperature of Mastung is -11 on Celsius. 

Pakistani media remained silence on the tragic situation all the day long, while a few media outlets tried to spread misleading propaganda. Baloch National Council for Human Rights condemns the brutal act of genocide by the State, and urge the international community to intervene immediately.