Obituary: Farewell Comrade Chakar Khan | The Baloch Hal | Human Rights and the Will to be free |

....Asad shared three dreams with me.

One, he always wanted the Balochs to be united. I was surprised to see him to go to everyone’s home in Balochistan. His friends and contacts included pro-independence leaders, pro-autonomy parties and Baloch bureaucrats, doctors and journalists. He spoke to all and urged them to unite. He tired hard to bring them together on minimum points.

Two, he wished the Balochs educated their children. In every meeting, he’d say Balochs should sit down and write their own history. He never trusted Pakistani journalists and writers’ account on Balochistan. He considered most of them ignorant of and dishonest toward Balochistan.

Three, he wanted his children and nephews to neither forget Balochistan nor break up the relationship with the Baloch people. He often used to visit Balochistan with the family kids. He once told me he had taught his children Balochi language and wanted them to remain acquainted with the land their father loved so much.....