Activist: Manama Regime Using Bahrain Judiciary as Means of Suppression | Human Rights and the Will to be free |

TEHRAN (FNA)- A prominent human rights activist deplored the Bahraini judiciary system's blind obedience to the ruling regime, saying that the country's judicial body has become a tool in the hands of the al-Khalifa regime for suppressing the people.

"The verdicts made by Bahraini courts against revolutionary elements are completely political and have been issued only because these people have expressed their opinions," Member of Bahrain Forum for Human Rights Falah Rabi said. 

"The developments in Bahrain demonstrated the regime's instrumental use of the judiciary system for suppressing people and shows the system's lack of independence because most of the members of the high court are from the ruling family," he added. 

But, the Bahraini nation wants a democratic system in which all the branches of power take their legitimacy from people's votes, he stressed.