Intricacies of Bahrain's Shia-Sunni divide - Opinion - Al Jazeera English | Human Rights and the Will to be free |
In Bahrain, the problem is colonialism, not sectarianism.


The so-called sectarian divide of Bahrain is a manipulative simplification of a far greater divide: that of the colonially-installed government that has no connection with or compassion for the people of Bahrain. The Saudis are there to preserve Anglo-American power as they do in Saudi Arabia. They are Sunni. The people they rule over are primarily Shia.

These are the kinds of tensions the British specialized in and the Americans are taking advantage of in so many parts of the world. It's an insidious approach to world affairs. Coupled with nonstop mainstream media portrayals of sectarian divides amongst the population, it has been a successful model for damaging the locals, their reputation, and their chances of getting the help they actually need.

It leaves entire families homeless, using nothing but their power of protest and their determination, to get their voices heard.