Human Rights and the Will to be free
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Human Rights and the Will to be free
Bahrain, MENA & Arab Spring
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Pre-emptive Crackdown in Bahrain against planned Tamarrod protests

Pre-emptive Crackdown in Bahrain against planned Tamarrod protests | Human Rights and the Will to be free |


House raids continued throughout August 1st, including raids in Aali, Shahrakkan, Saddad andBuri. Said Yousif Almuhafda, head of monitoring at BCHR, said that he “documented many injuries” during the day, including injuries from “tear gas [canisters] and shotgun in the upper part of protesters bodies”. Further enactment of the National Assembly recommendations is also anticipated. Analyst Emile Nakhleh summed up the situation: “Bahrain Declares War on the Opposition”.

The scale and intensity of the government’s pre-emptive strikes against the opposition to thwart the planned protests on August 14th has reminded Bahrainis of the atmosphere created when the King called for a state of emergency in 2011. Very little in the country has changed since then – and the aspirations of democracy remain just a dream, whilst the reality of state terror continues.

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Bahrain Cracks Down in Bid to Stop its Tamarod Movement (a la Egypt)

Bahrain Cracks Down in Bid to Stop its Tamarod Movement (a la Egypt) | Human Rights and the Will to be free |

...The Bahrain regime has responded with Draconian new laws threatening to take away the citizenship of protesters and banning protests altogether in the capital. These measures are severe violations of international human rights laws. Washington has been relatively muted in its response to these violations. Bahrain hosts the HQ of the Fifth Fleet in the Gulf and its Sunni monarchy is an opponent of Iranian influence, covering a multitude of sins from the point of view of the Obama administration. Shiites are about 60% of the citizen population, but are discriminated against and many are relatively poor and powerless. The regime maintains that Shiite activists are terrorists working for Iran, but these charges are frankly ridiculous covers for a regime that practices arbitrary arrest and punishment....

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#Bahrain | The first Statement for Tamarrod movement | #تمرد_البحرين

#Bahrain | The first Statement for Tamarrod movement  |  #تمرد_البحرين | Human Rights and the Will to be free |

The first Statement for Tamarrod movement 
for a homeland embraces all his children,to Bahrain we belong to it permanently and independent Arabic homeland ,to free people govern and be the source of all authority and the sovereignty and legitimacy, for freedom which Bahrainis wish for and gave for it everything dear and precious over decades of struggle and resistance of our parents and grandparents. For all that we announce on 14 Aug, the day announced independence of Bahrain in 1971, we announce it day to begin our campaign #تمرد_البحرين.

Mutiny for the injustice of the authority confiscated the value of citizenship, held to their own interests and powers people's decision and sovereignty,they take our national resources so in order to take them they put unjust laws confiscating people's rights and restricting his mobility and activity.

We believe that Bahrain a free homeland separately for each of its citizens without distinction or discrimination.

And that the people are sovereign and the source of all authority,he have right to work to restore what robs from him of all powers and rights through peaceful ways.

And that laws restricting freedoms are incompatible with the International legitimacy of human rights are void laws and must fall so people can express themselves freely and with dignity.

The #تمرد_البحرين Tamarrod campaign is a message for all Bahrainis to unite and dissolving any political ,ideological or religious differences, for our country and keeping peopl rights in freedom, dignity and sovereignty.

#تمرد_البحرين Tamarrod is a chance to exercise the legitimate right to express their opinion, all available peaceful ways,we support it and we call for it to achieve the aspirations of the people of Bahrain to self-determination and that the #تمرد_البحرين tamarrod campaign is open to all the political and social spectrum .we ask all people of Bahrain, activists as whatever their demands and visions to support #تمرد_البحرين tamarrod and as an incubator and supportive of their rights and aspirations to Bahrain human rights that safeguard the future and respect its citizen, Bahrain freedom, justice and dignity.

Wednesday 3 July 2013

[Names deleted here for security purposes....  by Curator, Spencer Haskins]

official account of on 
Twitter: @tamarrodBH tage: #تمرد_البحرين 
Facebook: Http:// 
anstgharam: @tamarrodBH


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Bahrain: Parliament Moves to Curtail Basic Rights | Human Rights Watch

Bahrain has spent the last two years cracking down on peaceful protest, violating people’s rights from start to finish. Now it’s planning a whole new set of draconian restrictions, effectively creating a new state of emergency, even while peaceful protesters from the last round are sitting in prison with long sentences.

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#Bahrain | Tamarrod Statement 2 | #تمرد_البحرين

#Bahrain | Tamarrod Statement 2  |  #تمرد_البحرين | Human Rights and the Will to be free |

Tamarrod Statement 2
tamarrod campaign:14 August ,for self-determination, and #تمرد_البحرين broader cover for all citizens

In the name of Allah the Merciful

people of Bahrain are waiting great anniversary the glorious August 14 this year and it has put the value of our citizenship, symbol of belonging to homeland Bahrain Independent Arab and inalienable right and legitimate right to our self-determination, and transit freely to future Bahrain that safeguard human rights and respect his citizenship , rebels on injustice of dictator and we seeks to cancel all of that.

#تمرد_البحرين tamarrod campaign embraces the name of all of political and social kinds of Bahraini with their diversity so every young every woman and man and all the small and large citizens will be part of it.

#تمرد_البحرين tamarrod campaign is for all the people of Bahrain, without exception. Every creator loves his country and looking forward to change, rejecting tyranny and dictatorship. Every owner of a profession or craft, the poor and the affluent, and all levels of cultural and scientific.

#تمرد_البحرين TamarrodBH revolt from all areas of Bahrain, from villages and cities, from east to west and north to south. It is every citizen feels the need to live with dignity and equality and is looking forward to a safe and stable Bahrain which is ruled justice instead of injustice and feudalism and oppression.

#تمرد_البحرين Tamarrod BH the Bahraini broader cover accommodate the mobility of all the people of Bahrain with all its religious and ethnic components of all forces and currents, groups and associations. A gateway of all the people to move to positive change and build a free and democratic Bahrain. It is the independence of the Arab homeland proud of his great free people.

#تمرد_البحرين Tamarrod BH in August 14 we calls all people of Bahrain to rebel. He is the legitimate owner and absolute master of his decision , rebel against the authority that lost their legitimacy, to give a new impetus in the revolution to establish the state of law and institutions. Bahrain to be for all its citizens without its monopoly in the Al-Khalifa authority and dominance.

The people of Bahrain is moving hope and ambition, serious to change, and raise calls rebellion _ Bahrain#تمرد_البحرين in both mobility and activity and programs, without exception, all the way to the August 14 , who is in for a compact rows for what is coming with Allah willing, inevitably.

Greeting and glory to the great people of Bahrain
Allah is the source of strength,

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@ TamarrodBH

Http :/ / / tamarrodBH

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