It is very much known around the world that if a state of security chaos occurs, it
usually interspersed with cases of theft, looting, and destruction committed by
protesters, whenever an opportunity arises for them.
However, none of this happened when the capital Manama and its suburbs were
devoid of any security presence over several consecutive days in February and
March 2011. Banks, jewelry shops, supermarkets, etc, were all in the hands of the
protestors representing the majority of the Bahraini people. But no cases of theft or
looting were recorded in the security files against those protesting citizens.
Killing and injuring many peaceful protestors while they were asleep at the
GCC/Pearl roundabout, the arrest and expulsion of thousands from their studies and
were all jobs, torturing citizens, the demolition of mosques and other violations
expected from a repressive regime like the Bahraini regime.
But what it was really shocking to know was that hundreds of Bahraini citizens had
their belongings stolen and confiscated by the security forces (more than 400 cases),
not to mention the majority of victims still fear they may be arrested or abused if
they document their cases. Despite that, if we only refer to the very few cases we
have collected, we will come to realize that these confiscated and stolen belongings
are worth more than 5,000,000 million US dollars, and those cases of confiscation or
stealing by the security forces occurred for less than 1 km2 of Bahrain populated
area, which is an unprecedented event that occurred exclusively in Bahrain. ....