Martyr for Bahrain:  Yahya Yusif Ahmed ......a baby! | Human Rights and the Will to be free |

“5-3-2012 Urgent from Bahrain, Ras Rumman a neighborhood east of the capital:  Death of an infant Yahya Yusuf Ahmed, because of toxic gases which were thrown by  mercenaries of the repressive regime!   On a daily basis in most of the Shiite villages ther are  manye demonstrations to demand justice and democracy.  In Bahrain,  more than a hundred citizens have died because of deadly gases, but the fear of the persecution of the regime's repressive , has made many people reluctant to document cases of death, fear of being imprisoned & tortured and Expulsion from their jobs, whether in the public sector of government or private companies, and therefore only  twenty cases have been documented!   There are many cases in hospitals awaiting their fate with poor survival rates due to Bahrain’s use of increasingly deadly tear gas. Another reason to stop US arms sales there. ACT:”;