Bahrain:  The killing of Haj Issa...... | Human Rights and the Will to be free |

1- A witnesses Describes the Killing of Haj Issa "while I was in the car & intensified and traffic got stuck I saw an elderly with a stick to lean on walking and tall policeman was standing in front of him

2) the witness says "I can't forget what happened the policeman raised the weapon and dropped Haj Issa's head down, I don't know wt type of weapon was it ,I was shaking under the steering wheel.

3) Another witness says "while I was with my friend in a bus when we saw Haji issa and we saw a policeman lifted his gun and blew his head, and it was so scary then we called the ambulance

4) Specifications according to the witnesses as we saw it in the court a Yemeni policeman Ahmed Amin did it, and not it isn't strange that he lied at court and denied

5)It isn't true that the killer of Alhaji Issa was Ahmed al-Thawadi, he is the one who the old man talked about in the video, which spread was talking about the killing of Haji Ali Khudair.

6) Haji Khadir was asleep in the pearl roundabout on 17 February, when Thawadi attacked him - So far we did not know which thawadi- who sprayed shotgun on his chest.

7) I have heard the Hajji, who spread his video dialogue between the two conditions before killing the policeman said to him leave him Thawadi, leave him Thawadi , but I don't think that he is a human and killed him.

9) Ali Alma'amn's friend says "we wanted to return to the roundabout when they attacked us brutally near Algufol but we stepped back except Ali he insisted to return".

10)He says we were blinded and not prepared to watch ali after a period we saw the crowds surrounding him and kicking and attacking him, then was taken to SMC and we found out the shot was direct