Human Rights and the Will to be free
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Human Rights and the Will to be free
Bahrain, MENA & Arab Spring
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Lamees Dhaif on Badriya Ali and conditions in Bahrain!

Lamees Dhaif on Badriya Ali and conditions in Bahrain! | Human Rights and the Will to be free |

Badriya Ali is a Bahraini housewife in her fifties. She ended her life with her bare hands by burning herself. She saw flames eat off her clothes and burn her body. The day passed as if it was eternal before her soul left to its creator, leaving behind children, grandchildren and a husband who is still in need.
What state pushes a believer like this lady to end her life in such a painful way with her bare hands?
How can a person's hands obey its owner to torture himself/herself through burning? I would have wanted to ask those questions to Badriya directly, but Badriya left and I am in my optional exile. I have read much about her, but her story was not complete until I sat pondering the image which told me the rest of it.
Badria is a mother from Sanabis. It is a village that sleeps on the smell of teargas and the sounds of shots and wakes up on the news of those arrested and injured. Last April Bahraini security forces attacked them while they were asleep, as usual. Here security forces are like thieves. They attack at night and treacherously kidnap people. And I wish the distinguished Interior Minister would tell me why his men insist on storming houses after 2 a.m. As if the sunlight terrifies vampires!!

That night Badria read Quran and slept to wake up to the sound of shattering in her house. When she gained consciousness, she saw dozens of masked men break into her house and were pointing guns to her head and the head of her husband. After a moment, she saw her son who was just over the age of 17 years in the hands of masked men. They kicked him and pulled his head and were beating his head repeatedly on the wall. Badriya pulled her son Ahmed from their grip. She screamed at them, "My son did not do anything, leave him" but the police who are not fluent in Arabic, shouted at her and pushed her brutally. They were pulling her child whose face was covered in blood.
She opened her eyes to see that Ahmed was taken away. They took him and she could not deter them. Badria began to cry that night and was not able to stop. She thought about how they would beat him, would they rape him or not, will they feed him, and will they torture him?
Questions were hovering in her head every minute of the day.
10 months, 300 days, 18 thousand hours, Badria spent crying over her son, shuddering every night for the idea that her son was tortured now. She feared that her other sons might be arrested too.
Her son was released after ten months while maintaining the charge of "participation illegal protests". Ahmed returned from prison after months of suffering to see that his mother was not the same. She was sad and depressed.
When Bouazizi burned himself after receiving a slap from the officer, the world sympathized with him and requested a revenge. In Bahrain, people ignored Badria’s story and the loyalists mocked it.
Badria is a victim of this regime’s atrocities. May Badria’s soul rest in peace, may all the Bahraini mothers remain strong, and may victory be granted to Bahrain’s people.

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Bahraini woman dies after self-immolation protest

Bahraini woman dies after self-immolation protest | Human Rights and the Will to be free |

Allah, let her immolation be the spark, let that spark become a conflagration, let that conflagration consume the Al-Khalifa tyranny, treachery, and corruption!.....Amen!


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The Bahraini family history of the Woman who self-immolated!

The Bahraini family history of the Woman  who self-immolated! | Human Rights and the Will to be free |

Only in Bahrain:
 From Boazizi to Badriya, an act of desperation in the darkness of oppression.

At the graveyard for the burial of Badriya Ali, a 59 yr old who burnt herself after falling into deep depression, Badriyas son angrily says "Alkhalifa killed my mother, she was fine until the attack on our home"

The attack on Badriyas house sounds horrific, her son was beaten severly in front of her.  Badriya fainted after seeing riot police bang her son's head against the corner of a wall 8 months ago.  Since that day Badriya was never the same again, her family says she went into a deep depression.  When Badriyas son was released after 5 months of imprisonment,  she started feeling a little better.  But a couple of weeks prior,  their village was attacked by riot police.   The SF's ran after this old woman on the streets!

This incident terrified Badriya and since that day the family has been so worried they were watching her at all times.  Yesterday,  Badriyas daughter was busy with her child, when her mother went up on the roof and burnt herself.  Zahra, Badriyas daughter, said she was away from her Mom for 5 minutes. Then I found her on the roof on fire.

Zahra says,  "for one week after my brother's arrest my mother was crying continuously. After that week she became silent"

Zahra continues "even after my brother's release she was in constant fear that he would be re-arrested"

The smallest sound would scare Badriya, she always thought the riot police were coming.  A couple of weeks ago Badriya told her children "I can't take this anymore, let me go to the riot police,  let them kill me"

Boazizi in  Tunisia set himself on fire because of his frustration from all the oppression, Badriya too was scared and frustrated.

One of Badriyas neighbors says the day her son was arrested we could hear his screams even 10 houses away.

25 yr old Ahmed says his head was hit against Airconditioner until he was covered in blood, see:

Badriya screamed at riot police as they beat her son 8 months ago "leave him, he didn't do anything"

An officer shouted at Badriya "shutup, we arrest women too!"

Then they pulled her old sick husband from bed to arrest him, but he was so weak he fell to the ground, so they left him there.  

Before leaving,  the riot police wrote on the walls of the home with spilt blood: "long live khalifa".

Badriya, who had always told her daughter she wished for a granddaughter, she had no reaction when her grandchild was born.   Badriyas friends say "she became a different person. If you're in a room with her its like you're in an empty room."  Two days ago badriyas daughter was stopped by police at Salmaniya hospital, because her last name is mushaima.

When Badriya heard her daughter was stopped she became hysterical shouting "they will take all my children, my heart hurts"

Badriyas husband who fell to the ground when masked civilians gov't thugs were arresting him, see:

Badriyas grandson Ali who doesn't understand why his grandmother is no longer with them, see:   


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