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Human Rights and the Will to be free
Bahrain, MENA & Arab Spring
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Sadiq Elshabani is released, and he is telling the story Pt2.

part2: events that happened inside the AlKhalifa prisons


we will start with a short story about a situation i witnessed after my eyes were unfolded in the dry dock jail, my story will be about a man of religion, Jalil, that devoted his life for the people's victory, him an his son S.H., father of the hero S.M.

They moved us together from the fort's basement, we're a group of brothers I will mention them one by one.
The handcuff was between me and him on the bus, and while we were blind folded, they would ask each of us to sing, but when father of S.H. read " suorat alwaqea'a " the wardens silenced.
He asked me who are you and what's your name?, I answered him and said Sadiq AlSha'abani from Bilad Alqadeem, and S.H.said that he is from Bani Jamrah, the warden heard what we had to say then hit us.
We reached at the Dry Dock jail to the national security department, they let us all in after we were beaten up while we were getting down the bus and insulted us and our sector.

They stopped us at the prison's hallway and unfolded our eyes, and my luck was to be with the man of religion Shaikh J.A in cell number 15; and he has a story I will be telling. after a little while (around 15 minutes) the warden came in and took me and one of the prisoners named Jaffar to remove hair from our private parts.

We went out to the bathroom, the warden told us "take off your clothes right here" and with us was S.H, so we told him that it wouldn't be appropriate, we want to remove them inside the bathroom, "No, take them off here, and don't lock the doors" he said, S.H was stubborn and went against his will, as soon as S.H. went against his will,he kept him back in the hallway without any clothes on, and all S.H could do way to cover his private parts with his hand, and when the warden so him do that, he hit him on his hands, and we were quiet and the bathroom doors were open, we got out of the bathroom and headed back to the rooms while we were being beaten up and S.H. was still in the hallway without clothes, while our eyes cried from what they did to S.H. .

The jail was filled with prisoners then, the prison contained 16 cells and each cell had a number of prisoners. Between every other working shift there was other things that I will mention, every other shift the used to make us say terms like "the people want Khalifa Bn Salman","long live Khalifa", "long live Bu Mita'eb", the national anthem etc..

One of days while we were praying with the lead of Shaikh J.A. we started heared the captian officer shouting in the hallway, he usually enters the cells and hits on a daily basis.As he reached our cell, we were just over with our prayer, he took a rubber slipper that is used for toilets and started slapping us on the ears with it on order to destroy our hearing. He headed to each one of us and asked what our cases were and when we would speak to reply he would kick and hit us, he stopped at Shaikh J.A and spat on his face slapped him on the ear with the slipper and asked him where did you learn to become relgious while beating him up, he replied : "I learned from shaikh Ahmed", "No, you learned from AlMuqdad and Mushaima'e and your education was to overthrow the king" said the officer, he replied NO!, so he beat him up so much until the shaikh cried from the severe pain he was going through, and the officer returned to us and beat us up too and said we'll show you who we are!, then went back to the shaikh and spat on his face again and left, the shaikh was laid on the floor because of the pain and we were in pain too, and the shaikh repeated "Hasbe Allah Wa N3m Alwakeel" "may allah forgive you" .. oh how great you are shaikh; and the shaikh also reapeatd on us to keep mentioned Allah and only pray for god to bless him because that what we learned from "ahl albayt" (family of Prophet Mohammed P.B.U.H) like this like Imam Musa Inb Jaffar

Be ready for the painful Islam scholar's story inside prison that I was with him in, but here I won't only mention his name I will also mention the story.

On a friday night filled with worships and tears inside these cells, cries and moans hidden inside the heart, you'd see the tears but not hear the moaning because we'd be afraid we might get hit if they heard,

our cell included five people, and then we were facing mecca's direction holding our hands up for prayers, but it was not long until that atmosphere of faith faded, the officer entered the ward , as usual he was shouting and insulting the detainees ,then he enters every cell and beats the prisoner and clerics , he come close to our cell but we continue to pray, we were standing and our heads were down , He does not want to come and see any one sitting, if we were he'll beat us, he became close to our cell and we could hear him beating the others without mercy, he did not enter our cell, he only opened the window and said "if I entered and saw anyone sleeping, I wont be merciful" and he shut the window.He Returned back to the cell that in front of us where the cleric
was in which I will mention his story later, the officer beaten all the detainees as usual and pull the cleric
in half of the room and we heard his words, he cursed him in a moment we heard him laughing and he says to the clerics
"dance and sing", We hear what he says to him, and he repeats his request and beaten telling him dance and sing , we hear the clerics voice with beating to make the cleric dance in front of him and he laughs and says" you cheered me up, you dog " then said, dace and sing overtime I enter your cell or else I will kill you, then left.
We stayed standing for fear of sitting and incase he comes again, the prison was quite until he returned to the cleric to test him when he saw that the cleric did not care,
so he beat him alone at first and then hit everyone in the cell and said , I warned you I want to enjoy all the time that I attend and really he got what he wanted, overtime he shows up in a bad mood he make them dance and sing , and when we hear the
cleric we cry for his pain and pray for all
We will begin our story with the detainee who released, who went through most types of torture in prisons only because his brother was a wanted political symbol
One day of the we were sitting in our cell, the door has opened by the officer, he said, Take your belongings and bed sheets and Come, so we went out after him
We were kept in a cell that included 12 people after we joined, thats where I met the person who I will mention his story and talk about his suffering.
S.F. , I took his permission to spread his story in details, S.F was taken as a hostage because his brother was wanted, and he suffered torture since his arrest

S.F was arrested on 9-4-2011 where the security forces backed with masked men attacked his apartment in saar ,destroyed ,stole and ripped his passport by what is called "the security forces", his
story starts here, he was tortured to confess where is his brother is (S.Q) but he said that he does not know will, I will not mention what happened to him behind the walls, but I will say what I saw for the credibilityWe were in the cell one day and we hear voice of the officer, so we stood up and hit some of us, there he dragged S.F and sexually harassed him, held him from the genitals and dragged him and said, you'll see what we will do in your brother when we get him,
After several days the officer come in to the cell suddenly he was masked (dress in black)
and said to S.F ,we know you hid and smuggled your brother the day that we have captured you from your apartment, he answered him back "no", the officer hit him "you'll see what we'll do to you"the officer said
S.F did not sleep that night ,we staid a wake to comfort him ,he says I am afraid for my brother he was crying, so I told him do not you believe he wants to drag confesses

he said to me I bore the pain of beatings,
sexual abuses but I can not bare hearing the arrest of my brother; everyone gathered around him to calm him down
Now I will tell you the snake, which brings laughter, provocation and intimidation of our clerics and our political symbols and our youth

We were sitting in the prison, suddenly we heard a voice of screaming and the officer in the cell was screaming and laughing ,we have seen what happens and heard the screams from inside the cells

laughing and laughing, only because the clerics were afraid of the snake and he kept his head down and ran away,
then officer had gone out and everyone looked at each other with looks of pain
we are now standing because the cell's door was open, when suddenly a prisoner ran inside because he was scared from the snake whereas the officers were laughing, we were
cry within ourselves and we turned to God. The officer left and closed the cell so we sat down, our clerics are being humiliated and our people are being humiliated, what country is this? and silence took over everyone .we were awaiting something, slowly, our cell was opening opened and everyone was standing and suddenly the snake carried by a prisoner pass us in our faces and the faces of the clerics, political symbols, and the officer were laughing.I will be mentioning now how the prison changed from bad treatment to a five star hotel with comfort when we heard that the BICI will be visiting us
It was a day that everyone was occupied with worshiping and it was after the after noon prayer, they took us out directly after lunch from all the cells and that was the first time we all saw each other
they made us stand in line in the hallway and everyone was asking whats going on, wardens that used to gives us news about the outside said that we were going to able to play on the playground
we used to notice cameras and other devices that they tried to hide from us by covering them, but we knew what they were
we went out to the playground and there i met the political symbols from Amal society and others from clerics and prisoners, we were saying hi to each other and the free time was lasting long, and we would see the movement of some stuff
as it was time for us to go back to our cells as we were called back respectfully we saw papers stuck on the cells' doors about prisoners' rights and their jobs
we entered the cells and the hidden cameras behind banners that were previously there were gone
after few days and after the visit from the vice president from AlWefaq society, Jawad Fayrouz and Mattar Mattar, we were given new bed sheets and after three days we were given new beds, there we were living the life
the cells were open, and the officer's treatment changed towards us, he even handed our cigarettes to those who smoke from the prisoners, we got sonda drinks and juices even tea and the treatment completely changed until i was released
the officers would hang around with the prisoners and wouldn't do anything until it felt like they were a part of us as they claim, but their fear from the BICI was obviously what changed their treatment
*Names of some people were removed for the sake of their safety
Via @ArabiIla
Rewrite and translation: @Noor_Al_bahrain


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Scooped by Spencer Haskins!

Sadiq Elshabani is released, and he is telling the story of his arrest in Bahrain Pt1


I'll tells you my story from the day I was arrested and what security forces had done to me from practices of torture and the horror of the events that I lived. I would put a simple explanation.

After showing a picture of me on bahrain national TV and calling me a traitor of University of Bahrain in al-rased show, it came to my mind the revenge time started

I was summoned by the university to investigation and ask me about if I went to the pearl roundabout, if I protested there and they showed me few pictures of me in the demonstrations, in one of them I was injured by security forces.

They asked me about the reasons why I went to the pearl roundabout and charged me with inciting, participating in violence and overthrowing the regime I denied that and went out of committee.

After several days I felt that I was being observed and my conversations are recorded for the existence of some resonance all my calls while talking on the phone ,one day I was sitting in one of the cafes, my father called me exactly at 9 am ،he Told me that the university sent a suspension letter ,I told him that I'll come and went out to AlWefaq society to document it ,I went out from the coffee shop , I saw a car behind me , I didn't care about it and I took the letter from my father then went to Al-wefaq Society , brought the the letter to them and while I was there I heard that the security alarm from my car has been on, I off the alarm from the remote and it is only minutes until it went on again I went out to turn it off and went back in the coffee shop.

I got in the car and moved it a little bit and I was talking on the phone with my brother when I reached next to the union club, I saw 14 police cars.

They dropped me off strongly from the car and asked me about my name and my last name then I saw myself in another world, and they put me in their car and asked me where do I live.

When I told them ،they started beating and electric shocked ,me humiliate in terrible way.

I described where my house , and I was blindfolded, they did not stop hitting me until they arrived and entered the housing ,they stole gold, money and phones from my house

After they finished robing my place, they threw me from the stairs to the ground and again in the car and told me stuff like "you will not return" "we'll migrate you" and they started hitting me again

They asked me to sing the national anthem and to copy voices of some of the animals like butterfly ,lamb ,chicken, etc. They even beat me down until we've reached a clinic.

-- They stripped me and took blood from me, and made blood pressure test, temperature, diabetes and other tests and my eyes were covered with a rug, I heard someone say on the walkytalky .. He is in the clinic of MOI

They got me out of the clinic and moved the car only two minutes until it stopped again and took me down to basement, 16 steps, it was a cold place and they took off my shirt and my shoes , I have been standing for a very long time until I got so tired ,I asked them for a glass of water, one of them answered me back "YOU WANT WATER?!" And they started hitting me again

Another person came and stopped next to me ,he asked me about my name he was smoking in front of my face I told him my name and "he said you are an employee at the university?" I told him yes so he beat by pushing me towards the wall.

I told him that I'm thirsty , he said see under the mask I looked down and found a bottle of water, he said pend down and drink ,I told him how ,I'm cuffed and there is a rug on my eyes , so he poured a little water on the ground and said drink you son of the dog I told him I don't want he forced me to lick the water from the floor.

After another few hours another person came and asked me about my name again and I told him, he took for an investigation, they asked me questions with each answer if I felt that you are lying I will hit you!, how did discover the organization of the university I told him I have no idea what are you talking about and no organization I said, Take him to perhaps admit he said they took me to a room and when I entered I was beaten violently

--he asked me what did you participate in, from 14th of February?, I told him I am one of these people, and I went to the pearl roundabout and participated in the process of association, he said that he does not want to hear this and that he wanted to know about the organization of the university in collaboration with the youth of 14 february ,"are one you of its people and you want occupy the university?" he said ,I told him I do not have any information and no organization

The officer then said that he was leaving in a disturbing tone, they then forced me to stand for 4 days straight and they did not allow to sit, when he left he said I will be back to hear what he has to say , he was threatening me throughout 4 days, wen I was tortured the most and most officers were participated in torturing me, then they later took off my clothes and kept me in a cold water where they poured cold water on me to get colder.

Then he told mr to "copy a prawn's voice"; wen I told him that I did not know how to do so, he hung from my hands and shocked with electricity until I bleeded from my nose and other places, later I was taken to the clinic and was threatened to not tell about the torture; after that I was kept in an isolated room that was 1.5x1.5 meters in size, where I was able to hear voices of other people being tortured, they stripped down my clothes and sexually harassed me and beat me up; later after that they were informed that the BICI reporters were going to visit so their treatment changed to the better with me and I was able to sit in an open area (the prisoners' yard) where I saw few sheikhs (men of religion) and two parliament members until I was released (on 11.7.2011) they made me sign a statement that included that I demonstrated in 32 places and influenced hate towards the regime and insulting the king; till today I am being charged for the same accusations ......

Via @ArabiIla


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