Sadiq Alhashimi (17) is detained since Feb 12, 2012 for carrying First Aid bag to help injured protesters | Human Rights and the Will to be free |

@BahrainMirror (exclusive): excellence in scientific specialization and average (98%) Acquired early sense of responsibility, on the evening of the twelfth of February 2012, s.sadeq packs his small white bag, carried the most basic tools that enable him to provide first aid to the wounded.

In Sanabis, one of the starting points of the claimants legitimate rights , S.Sadiq Begun and carrying in his hand only white box , it was not long before the riot police arrested him, A policeman put his hand on his neck he almost lost his breathe, and then beat him, then sent him to the police jeep with others, no mercy on young age (17 years), Punished him because he has humanity , on the way to the police station, he received a hearty meal of torture, beat him on his back by the police weapons, he lost his senses in his right arm, his hand began to tremble without stopping, Carried with few detained guys by troop of riot police to alneaim police station , then to MOI (the fort) , and then returned again to alneaim police station, then transferred to a military hospital(BDF) for treatment of the effects of torture, and the final stop was the alnabeh saleh police station and he is still there until the moment of writing this report.

S.Sadeq Was carrying a white box to help the wounded, but after stealing his money and his phone by the mercenaries, he became accused, he was presented to the public prosecutor in the morning on the thirteenth of February 2012, the prosecutor asked about the reason for his presence in the area of Sanabis and possession of first aid kit, He said: I am a student in the scientific major , I dream to be a doctor, and I know that these areas full of confrontations, and I suppose the occurrence of injuries, I just wanted to give a humanitarian service of any injured. Seems that the answer didn't live up to the prosecutor decided to imprisonment for forty-five days pending to investigation.