Nadya Ali, a nine-month pregnant woman abducted by the regime at one of the many checkpoints spread across the country....

Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Parliament of international peace and security,
Dr. Haitham Abu-Saeed says
"So much is required from the Authorities in Bahrain, and Nadya's case is an overflow from the tip 
Its enough that she is oppressively punished,
her baby should not suffer from the oppression his mother is subjected to
There are legislation that force the Bahraini authorities and other authorities to abide by standards,
by immediately releasing Nadya Ali Yusuf
Al-Wefaq demands the Red Cross to intervene
Sayed Yousif Al-Muhafda: " Security checkpoints are merely set to degrade individuals from the Shiite sect"
In many cases, we have documented Shiite citizens being subjected to humiliation and sometimes assault, or confiscation of belongings
Ahlam AlKuzaie: "If Nadya was in a another country, the media would have given her attention"
Talking of equality between men and women, 
I assure that the Bahraini women are equal to the men in being violated against
The unborn child in his mother's womb frightens them like the youth in the streets do
Be frightened, our women will only give birth to free rebels that oppose you and your dictatorship