Human Rights and the Will to be free
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Human Rights and the Will to be free
Bahrain, MENA & Arab Spring
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Scooped by Spencer Haskins!

This is how the son of the king tortured us; Parweez narrated the story from inside the prison

موقع مرآة البحرين...
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Scooped by Spencer Haskins!

Details of Moh'd J.Parweez' telephone call (via @HussainMJawad): He was sentenced to 15yrsand is currently held in Qurain Prison, Bahrain.

Details of Moh'd J.Parweez' telephone call  (via @HussainMJawad):  He was sentenced to 15yrsand is currently held in  Qurain Prison, Bahrain. | Human Rights and the Will to be free |


Mohammed Jawad Parwees -64 years old-
- A prisoner in Qurain Prison in Bahrain
- Accused in the case of "The Alliance for the Republic" with the other 13 activists & political figures..

Moh'd J.Parweez called his son @HussainMJawad today from Qurain Prison and the details are as follows:

- Moh'd J.Parweez said that all the figures in jail are still on Hunger strike, he lost alot of  weight and the health  of most them has deteriorated, especially Mr.Abdulawahab Husain & Dr.Abduljaleel Al Senkais..,

- He said that the prison administration is pushing them to to stop thier hunger strike immediatly,

- He said that they were taken to hospital during the hunger strike and  now they are prevented from taking thier medicines and health care was canceled  EXCEPT ONCE EVERY WEEK as a punishment.

- He said that they are still patient and they will not stop this hunger strike untill they meet their demand,

- He said, that he lost weight and he always feels dizzy.

- He also said, The Prison administration is preventing us from alot of things to push us to stop our hunger strike and  it is trying hard to convince us to stop the hunger strike but we remained on our decision to continue this hunger strike.

-  They were prevented from the visits with their families until further notice.. only to push us more,  but we said we will continue the huger strike until all Female detainees are  released.

** @HussainMJawad asked his Fother Moh'd J.Parweez about the last trial in court and about the victory sign they all raised after they heard the judge's verdicts (Judge confirmed all the previous verdicts against them in the Court of appeal).

- Moh'd J.Parweez answered: It was an agreement between us (The 14 activists & Political Figures) before the Court session to show the that we are
victorious & defiant behaind the jail bars..(solidarity)

- He said that The families were punished after the last Court session by not allowing them to visit us because of our hunger strike & because of the victory sign we raised in court.

- Moh'd J.Parweez asked about the protests in the street and in his area (Sitra island), He asked about the economy And the international news,

- He asked about the Doctors trial & if the doctors gave themselves to the police or not .   He asked about their spirits and about the people of bahrain, are they still defiant or not??

- He asked about the female detainees, their arrest, thier subjection to torture and are there any more arrests of women or not?? Then said we will remain defiants utill their release,  God willing,

- He said That Saeed Al Hamad is a joke and he has nothing to say so he always talks about Iran.. They always read his articals in jail only to laugh at him because he is sick.. :)

- He finally said: " The writers and journalists who write against Bahrain's Revolution will regret one day due to what they did against the innocent women and children in Bahrain.

* @HussainMJawad said the call was too short this time And My father (Moh'd J.Parweez) passes his regards to all and said: "we are strong.. Don't be afraid for  us as our spirits are too high".

Note: The 14 activists & political figures in Qurain Prison are on  Hunger strike in solidarity with the female detainees and they will continue thier hunger strike until all female detainees are released.. This is their Demand.

Note2: Today is their 8th day since they started their Hunger Strike.

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Bahrain: 'This is how the son of the king tortured us' ; Parweez tells the story from inside prison


1. Mohammed Hassan Mohammed Jawad: 65 years old, born in 1948. He lives in Sitra. He is known by "Parweez”, he has two daughters Ramla and Susan and 4 sons Ali, Hussein, Hamid and Hadi. Arrested 26 times since the sixties until now. Released last time in January 25, 2011. Re-arrested and jailed since March 22, 2011.

2. Sheikh Nasser bin Hamad Al Khalifa is the half-brother of the Crown Prince and the fourth son of the King of Bahrain Hamad bin Isa Al Khalifa. Was born in May 8, 1987, married in September 2009 to the daughter of the Vice-President of the United Arab Emirates Prime Minister and Ruler of Dubai, Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum and has a child named Sheikha Shaima (born in July 16, 2010). On June 19, 2011 the King Hamad bin Isa Al Khalifa issued a royal decree promoting Nasser to the rank of colonel, has also appointed as commander of the Royal Guard of the Bahrain Defense Force, and also heads the Supreme Council for Youth and Sports and the Bahrain Olympic Committee. He became even famous as a torturer after the entry of the Peninsula Shield forces to Bahrain and the imposition of the National Security Law (Martial Law). Via Bahrain TV, he has vowed to pursue all the opponents.

3. Parweez case has been documented in the report issued by the “Bahrain Independent Commission of Inquiry”. Refer to Annex B: Summary of Torture Allegations / Case No. 2

Link to Arabic copy:

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