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Supposed to be today Thursday a visit to the detainee Hussain Alaali, but he declined to take place and told his family not to come,objection to the psychological and physical torture and constant solitary confinement from the moment of his arrest more than four months now ! The insults and ill-treatment has increased after a visit by "ICRC" and what he said for them about the stages of torture experienced by,reached the stage of revenge because of his speech and information he gave them about the fact appendices at the hands of torturers, murderers and criminals ! There is a great fear on his life due his refusal for the visit after the torture that he had got and the ill-treatment which he sanctioned before and after each visit with his family in Rufa'a police station and Adliya criminal investigation building ! They cover his head with a black plastic bag for a hole day and they keep him in a black room isolated completely from the others around him ! WE'RE DEMANDING THE #WORLD TO MOVE AND SAVE HIM FROM #DEATH !