The arrest and illegal detention of Aqilah Redha Hamad in Bahrain! | Human Rights and the Will to be free |

The arrest of nursing responsible Aqilah Redha Hamad(my mother)

Since the beginning of the Martial Law my mother has been telling us that some of the sectarian complain upon the officers in the hospital

Officers did not find any slips that belong to my mother, both in the performance of work or conducted at work so they did not have a reason to arrest her

On Thursday they arrested her colleague Halima for stealing drugs from the hospital and because of the betrayal, colleagues who wanted to overthrow Halimah was not the only one targeted, she was forced under pressure to recognize my mother ,on Sunday, February 29 according to some nurses that at 9 , 3 officers backed with police arrested my mother

When she was taken we didn't know anything about her until hours from her arrest when she contacted us for a minute to tell us that she is in the prosecution

she disappeared for two days then she called to ask for some clothes and told us that all of the people are with her in the prison from foreign communities

She has been taken to the prosecutor and they didn't prove in any case, but prosecutors ordered to inspection of our house attended the inspection 7 police jeeps and 4 civilian cars, as soon as my father opened the door, someone hit him with a stick and Broke into our house

First they wanted to inspect my mother's room, my father led them to it then they kicking him out, destroyed everything that falls upon their eyes , and they overturned the room after they were done ,they didn't find anything headed in the room then they went to my brother Hassan's room in same time they were cursing my parents, they asked about my brother my father told them that he is a detainee then they start to curse him

Police said (mocking): of course he was standing at the door and the police took him, my father said this is reality, he got angry and started to curse the officers beat him , they went out of the room and went to my room so they asked for the owner and my father said: My daughter, they cursed again, and they start to threaten him

Fortunately I wasn't at home!they Searched my clothes and they didn't devoid of insults and verbal abuse! Found among the religious magazine asked what's this? he was pointing to the image of tents, my father told them its imam al-hussain tents then she start to cursing him and al-Imam al-Hussein

They went to my brother Hussein's room and asked my father where is he , my father answered he is a detainee then they started to beat him in brutal way and cursed my father and my brothers when they went to the living room and saw a picture of a Cleric and the police ask : who is this ? My father answered them

They asked why don't you hang a picture of AlSheikh Khalifa? My father replied, sarcastically: Are we in the Ministry? After his answer the started to beat him and cursed in brutal way

Then they went to the dressing room and found mouthpiece, the police said you play Toot Toot? Complete the officer Totoot!! With it and by the way "tot tot totoot" its a "political tone" and you would go 6 moths to jail for it as the bahrain regime law , then they Went to the kitchen and overturned the refrigerator upside down and scattered throughout the meat all over the kitchen, and police say for the riot forces if you want anything take it !! Its like our stuff is damaged of war

All of this happened while they were walking around the house with their boots , their cigarettes and turn everything on their way upside down and insulted my family

The stuff that have been stolen from our house: a trumpet , a piece of 500 fils , Husseiniya soil , canisters of tear gas and flour !

To know that my mother suffers from migraine and allergies, we have not seen her since her arrest so far