“They are retaining my sister as a hostage until I surrender “- Ahmed Sameer for the hostage his sister | Human Rights and the Will to be free | Scoop.it

AlKhalifa regime, which never stepped back doing any type of crime, starting from murder, torture, destruction of  mosques and burning Qura’an , while the whole word is watching its crimes. Even Arab norms weren’t a red line; AlKhalifa regime arrested  hundreds of women and today it scored another crime, by kidnapping sister of youth Ahmed Sameer (20 years old) from Maqaba village.
The story started today Friday afternoon 16th of August 2013 when civilians were chasing Ahmed while he was driving on Budaiya Street, he quickly entered Saar village leaving his car and escaping on his feet. Ahmed thought the he is safe –at least temporary- from clutches of the regime, but a phone call comes fast from Budaiya police station telling him to surrender or keeping his sister who was kept as a hostage.
“I’m going to Budayia police station, they kidnapped my sister and they will not release her until I surrender.. may God bless you”
This was Ahmed’s last message to his friends before going to the police station hoping to release his sister which was arrested only for being a sister of a wanted person. Now, Ahmed Sameer is facing an unknown fate in front of regime’s malice when he will be transferred to torturing rooms which is full of  screams of others who were already there before Ahmed.