Human Rights and the Will to be free
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Human Rights and the Will to be free
Bahrain, MENA & Arab Spring
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Counter-Revolution Axioms: Are They Going To Trick Us? | Facebook

Counter-Revolution Axioms: Are They Going To Trick Us? | Facebook | Human Rights and the Will to be free |

by Pearl Revolution Political Center  on Sunday, May 13, 2012 at 6:33am ·
The repeated failures of the Alkhalifa regime and the US (and UK) conspiracies to contains the revolution in Bahrain has forced those powers to resort to a more devious and less resource-consuming strategy.

Revolutions, once unleashed become unstoppable, just like a crazy huge train that smashes anything on its path and therefore the most feasible way to get rid of it is to sneak in inside and take charge of the control room to steer it to another rail that leads to a bottomless pit!

And this is precisely what “internal” counter-revolution forces do.

In order to deviate the revolution away from its original rail, which is to overthrow the unelected monarchial regime (which has been in power for over two centuries), the counter-revolution has injected many misconceptions into peoples’ minds through its various outlets. These misconceptions have been orchestrated very carefully to quietly manipulate peoples’ minds to agree on keeping “regime reformists” in power after removing the “hardliners”. The empty high-rank seats in the government (including the PM) that will result from removing the “hardliners” will then be reallocated to the counter-revolution forces as a pay back.

Having said that and considering the information we possess on what is going on behind the scene between the US administration and the counter-revolution forces, it is our responsibility as a revolutionary political center to foil these conspiracies and reveal the truth for everyone. This article is the first of a series to satisfy this objective.

Alkhalifa Crown Prince Dialogue: Has it really failed due to Peninsula Shield invasion?
The general perception is that the dialogue between Salman (Alkhalifa Crown Prince) and the legal opposition societies was steadily progressing and the parties were about to reach a consensus. And to prevent the success, Saudi Arabia dispatched the Peninsula Shield troops to invade Bahrain and disrupt the dialogue.
However, we believe the dialogue had already failed by the time the Peninsula Shield troops invaded the country, precisely after the sound success of the Riffa and Safriya Palace marches that attracted massive number despite of the enormous pressure the political societies placed on the prominent figures who supported these two marches (namely Hasan Mushaime, A. Wahab Hussain and Skh. Moh’d Habib Al Muqdad) and the counter-marches the societies organized elsewhere at the same time. Alwasat newspaper (edited by Dr. Mansoor Al Jamri) went all the way and publish a fabricated report of youth opposition groups changing their minds.

The massive number of participants in the two marches made it all clear that the legal opposition no longer enjoys the influence they once had prior to February 14th. In other words, there was no guarantee the masses would accept the outcome of dialogue.

Saudi Forces (under disguise of Peninsula Shield) invasion: was it really given the green-light from Washington?
The term “green-light” gives the impression that the decision was made in Riyadh and Washington approved it. We believe if the decision was truly at the hand of the Saudis, the invasion would have happened on 15th of February (not March). We are pretty much convinced that the order came directly from the Washington as a punishment for Bahraini revolutionaries for foiling the dialogue (which Mr. Jeffery Feltman himself had painstakingly plotted).

Royal House Divide: does this “theory” have any degree of truth at all?
This is perhaps the most dangerous misconception and it has so far misled many people in Bahrain and abroad.
First of all, the Alkhalifas are nothing but pawns serving the interests of the US with no exception. Indeed, the US has disposed of Hamad’s old man (the previous monarch) not for disobeying orders but simply because he would not fit in the fake democratic model the US wanted to experiment on Bahrain. Other examples are Zain El Aabdeen, Hosni Mubarak and Ali Saleh to name just a few.
Second, while this “scheme” holds the “hardliners” fully responsible for all the violations, which have occurred since February 14th, it whitewashes the so called “reformists” within the ruling dynasty in general and the king and his crown prince in specific (Nasser Bin Hamad is a special case as he has fallen victim of his own extraordinary arrogance) and deem them innocent, thus restoring their lost legitimacy.
Third (perhaps the most important), the impression that “reformists” exist in the ruling dynasty provides all the justifications needed by the colonial powers to continue supporting the regime and sell billions worth or arms.

Regime Threats to Skh. Isa Qassim*
Many have been led to believe that detaining the prominent Human Rights activist Nabeel Rajab was to prepare the ground and to test "international waters" for higher-profile arrests, specifically Shk. Isa Qassim. Bahrain Mirrors website (believed to be financed by Alwefaq Society in secret) has “leaked” information on such “secret plans” from its “private” sources. However, on a second thought, the threats surprisingly lack seriousness! Though not because the regime lacks the guts to do it. In fact, on the one hand, the extremely low-profile political demand that Shk. Isa has constrained himself by (reforming the government) constitutes the best assurance to preserve the Alkhalifa dynasty in power; and on the other hand, his low-profile political demands act as a balancing factor that severely hinders the other part of the opposition that seeks to overthrow the monarchial regime altogether.

* Shk. Isa Qassim is considered the most senior Shia cleric in Bahrain

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No Negotiating with Al-Khalifa Terrorists!

No Negotiating with Al-Khalifa Terrorists! | Human Rights and the Will to be free |

Can We Protect Our Prominent Opposition Leaders From Torture? And How?

After the utter failure of the so called “serious dialogue” with the illegitimate regime, and the obvious rejection by the mainstream opposition, the dialogue callers appear to be resorting to their last option.
It has been noticed that a well-organized campaign being carried out by certain bloggers and activists. The campaign has been desperately attempting to convince people that releasing the jailed prominent opposition figures should be an acceptable condition to engage in a dialogue with the regime.
If we fall for this campaign, then we would be putting our prominent opposition leaders who are behind bars in a serious risk; they might be severely tortured physically and psychologically because the regime would not hesitate to do anything to force them agree with the dialogue.
On the other hand, if we reject the dialogue “fundamentally” based on the fact that the regime has lost legitimacy and the only choice left to it is to fall and go away, then torturing the prominent opposition leaders would become completely pointless.
We at the Pearl Revolution Political Center perceive “this” dialogue as the most dangerous plot of the counter-revolution and we strongly call on everyone to reject it. We would also like to call on the opposition political societies to take a firm stance against the illegitimate regime, which has been dominating our country for over two centuries.

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To the US: Your Policy in Bahrain Has Gone Beyond Tolerance ..........

‎The message you attempted to convey through your Deputy Ambassador’s visit to the injured regime mercenaries has been received. Now it is our turn to reply.......


Since the eruption of the Arab Spring last year, your policies have been full of hypocrisy, supporting popular pro-democracy revolutions only when it would serve your selfish interests. The exact reasons that led to the outbreak of the Arab Spring in Tunisia, Egypt, Libya, Yemen and Syria were applicable to Bahrain, yet you have chosen to side with the illegitimate regime of Al-Khalifa. Your justification to side with the illegitimate regime of Al-Khalifa is completely irrelevant to us. Our people have nothing to do with your conflict with the Islamic Republic of Iran. Your decisions and actions have only made our people more determined to reject your policies and gave them the motive to retaliate in the future, should your current policies persist.

The mercenaries that your Deputy Ambassador has paid her respects to have come all the way from Pakistan and other countries to kill our people; more than eighty have been killed so far. Thousands have been injured by the hand of those mercenaries including women and children, and many credible human rights organizations such as Bahrain Center for Human Rights, HRW, Amnesty International and HRF have comprehensively documented most of the cases.
It would have been more appropriate for your Deputy Ambassador to visit the victims of those mercenaries.

We have pledged to “refuse all forms of foreign intervention, whether direct or indirect” (Lulu Charter, Principle # 4). We consider this visit as an irresponsible act of interference that cannot be overlooked.

As such, the Pearl Revolution Political Center is going to call for a nation-wide anti-US protest campaign that will not spare the illegal presence of your 5th Fleet in our country and the counter-revolution that your embassy has been feeding behind the scene.

Pearl Revolution Political Center
March 28th 2012


[  ; LULU charter on google docs ]  ; LULU charter on THIS site ] 

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The Pearl Revolution Political Center announces its first operation; code name, Countering the Counter-Revolution

The Pearl Revolution Political Center announces its first operation; code name, Countering the Counter-Revolution | Human Rights and the Will to be free |

At the anniversary of the Saudi invasion of Bahrain, the Pearl Revolution Political Center announces its first operation; code name, Countering the Counter-Revolution.

Our people don't need to get ready! The one's who should get ready are the Al-Khalifa regime, the Al-Saud Forces, and the US and its 5th Fleet.

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