Asking Questions About Badges in Higher Ed | HASTAC | Badges for Lifelong Learning |

Amy McQuigge’s prompt How can colleges and universities use badges? is a lot more slope of enlightenment and a little less peak of inflated expectations when it comes to badges in higher ed (Looking at you, major media sources.)

The disruptive potential of badges in higher ed makes for compelling headlines, but the real nuts-and-bolts innovation is happening on the ground. I thought I would contribute something to Amy’s question by taking a look at the variety of badge systems being designed for colleges and universities.

By higher ed, I mean universities and colleges as institutions, not only a place where students take classes. In the major news articles, badges are often tossed in the ring with grades, degrees, and credentials, but there are multiple layers of learning going on in higher ed, and that makes universities an interesting sandbox for innovative badge systems. (Cathy Davidson’s Fast Company series on Changing Higher Education to Change the World is a good primer to learn more about innovative ways to think about learning in higher ed.)