Second screen advertising is a new paradigm | Backpack Filmmaker |

Commercial broadcasters need to move quickly to ensure they have engaging second screen apps and content to keep viewers loyal beyond the main television screen, then find ways to sell that new inventory to advertisers. We are facing a period of disruption during which third-parties will fight them for eyeballs with companion apps that are synchronised, possibly in real-time, with what is happening on the television.


There could be new advertising money for TV, flowing from direct marketing budgets because of the interactivity and social engagement that is possible on the second screen. But there is no guarantee that this money will go to the people that created the programming that this new inventory relies upon. And there are warnings from the advertising industry that there will be no sentimental loyalty to broadcasters where direct marketing and data-centric buying agencies are involved.


While it is early days for synchronised second-screen advertising, it looks like this is going to be big.

Via Nicolas Weil