The DSLR Killed The Specialist. By Ryan E. Walters, Cinematographer | Backpack Filmmaker |

Posted by Ryan E.Walters on June 19, 2013 • 


"When the video DSLR was introduced, it was heralded by many as a truly revolutionary piece of filmmaking technology. No longer were the filmmaking gates closed to those without large pocketbooks and budgets. They were now open to anyone with a spare $1,000 - $3,000, or an available balance on their credit card. While this affordable, and "cinematic" technology has opened the doors for new talent, it has brought with it some unintended consequences. Like it or not, the market is shifting, and has been shifting for several years now. The importance of the specialist is diminishing, and the age of the generalist is rising. If the TV killed the radio star, then the DSLR has killed the specialist...


Jack Of All Trades, Master Of None.
Earlier in my career, it used to be that the more highly skilled you were in a specific area, the better. The focus was on becoming a master at one specific skill."


Via Thierry Saint-Paul, planetMitch