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Minnesota musicians making the most of a digitial economy | Blandin on Broadband

The Minneapolis St Paul Business Journal ran a series on Friday of Minnesota musicians who are thriving in the digital economy. Think of how different the music business is now that we can download, upload and manipulate audio files quickly and easily. The music industry as a whole has not always handles the changes with grace – so it’s nice to see some shining local stars who have.


The series is worth reading – in fact I decided it was worth a MSPBJ substitution – but I just wanted to offer a laundry list of musicians and innovations…


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Dako Larsson's curator insight, September 9, 2013 11:39 AM

    My insight is that The Minnesota St Paul Business was talking about how digital music has changed the industry because people can download the music right away from the internet.  A pro to this is that they do not have to wait to get the music from the store and they can hear it right after it downloads.  A con to this is that not a lot of people are buying albums anymore becuase it is easier to download it.  

     Also if they push to go digital they can get more sales nationwide because people can get their album easier online.  

Destin Perry's curator insight, October 7, 2013 3:25 PM

This article is about a series of musicians that are thriving in the new digital industry in different ways than just depending on a track sales in iTunes. From research, I've found that the main problem with the industry right now is that it doesn't reward sales as much as it rewards the extras; other sales, performances, donations, kickstarters. With the digital era become more accessible, it rewards indie efforts just as much, if not more, than commercial ones. There are lessons to be learned from the scope of indie production and what it takes to appeal and be spread over the internet... especially with sales becoming less important, and the whole range of exposure.

Adrian Ramirez's curator insight, November 7, 2014 11:17 PM

This article was interesting to my topic because it explains how music artists in Minnesota are able to sell there music and get money  for projects online.

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Teaching computational biology is as easy as Pi

Teaching computational biology is as easy as Pi | Ba... Ba... Ba... Bio |
The low cost computing hardware Raspberry Pi is now being used to train the next generation of computational biologists, and is proving to be a low-cost alternative to more traditional methods of learning.

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