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Successful content marketing campaigns are built through experience. It is unreasonable to expect to be “hitting the home run” the first time a program is executed but the focus on quality over quantity cannot be understated.




1. A Method for Aggregating Information

In the midst of a sea of information, B2B search engine marketers need to streamline their focus in order to capture the best resources possible. And it is not just setting up a series of “subscriptions” (email lists, social media lists, etc) but immersingyourself in the information, in order to establish patterns of success.


2. The Ability to Perform SEO / Content Marketing Competitive Research

B2B SEOs need to understand the competitive landscape, from a content marketing and search perspective. The usual suspects related to SEO are important.


A lot of competitive data can be realized simply through manual site auditing and review. For search engine marketers with a greater financial budget for commercial software, Searchmetrics and SEOmoz (Open Site Explorer and FollowerWonk in particular) are good tools for evaluating competition.

Screaming Frog is a good application for crawling competitive domains for to review overall website structure. Spyfu is a lower cost alternative for keyword-specific competitive data and Compete and/or Quantcast can also be effective for free traffic estimates and demographic overviews as well.


3. A Repository for Developing Content Marketing Ideas

Note taking and content curation play an important role in building out the content development process. If you can get in the habit of keeping a repository of ideas as they come to mind, it becomes easier to generate the content needed when deadlines arise. B2B search engine marketers need ways to organize ideas and keep track of information, in order to maintain the build out process.


4. A Link / Social Media Prospecting & Management Solution

The question is how does the B2B search engine marketer organize the process and keep track of contact details and the communication activity?

RavenTools CRM and Link Manager tools and Buzzstream offer easy to use methods for aggregating contact information and connecting the success rates in link acquisition in particular.Traditional CRM solutions like HighRise or Google Contacts could be considered. The challenge in these types of options is the lack of direct connectivity to link outreach and social media activity however.


5. A Method for Evaluating Performance

It seems obvious but often times B2B marketers don’t have clearly defined benchmarks and goals for evaluating the performance of their content marketing campaigns. Even if benchmarks have to be established over time, a starting point should be agreed upon, recognizing criteria might change as a result of further analysis.

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