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Failure has been a trending topic on Education Unbound recently, particularly in regards to the disconnect between educational objectives and game-based learning (GBL).

We know that many games "depend on players failing multiple times as the primary means of learning how to overcome obstacles." How does this compare to education, where the "notion of failure is bad"? This post by Justin Marquis explores this issue in this first of a two part series.

The article includes the following sections:

* Teach that Learning is a Process

* Make Learning the Goal

* Support Second Chances

* A Change in Mindset

The second part of this article, 'Learning to Learn from Failure', is also available at http://www.onlineuniversities.com/blog/2012/10/learning-learn-failure/. Topics explored include: Learning From Your Mistakes, Embrace Metacognition, Ask for Help, Explore Alternative Paths to Success, and Failing to Learn is the Only Real Failure.

Via Beth Dichter