Cineform-Protune + GoPro Hero3 & Post, by Mike Seymour | Aware Entertainment |

Posted by Mike Seymour on October 18, 2012


"This week the GoPro Hero3 was launched. This new camera is really amazing, for its price, its performance, its resolution and its incredible ability to allow camera to go literally anywhere.

But the mid-week launch did somewhat overshadow the amazing advances from the week before that the CineForm division of GoPro announced, namely log output, with 24P at much higher bit rates. (Not to mention remote control from your iPad!). And now with the Hero3 these specifications have jumped again. While much of the popular press may focus on the jump to 4K, we wanted to flag the incredible shift from being a ‘straight to YouTube’ camera to a camera that now also offers a very real alternative for those wanting to intercut GoPro footage – a pipeline that assumes there will be grading, that there will be post, and outputs from the camera in a format that lets you maximize both."


Via Thierry Saint-Paul