One Big Wedo (Guero): The Journey of an American Folklorico Dancer!: The Day Of The Dead - Week 30 | Avant-garde Art, Design & Rock 'n' Roll |

"The Day of the Dead, or Dia de Muertos in Spanish, is a holiday related to All Saints Day and All Soul's Day that is celebrated throughout Mexico and in many other cultures around the world.  The holiday and its merchandise are becoming increasingly more popular in the United States as Mexican communities and the culture influences society by promoting the holiday, artists, pop culture and retailers sell and embrace the marketing associated with the holiday, and as overall general awareness increases.  In America, we have held a fascination for years with skull imagery and the idea of the afterlife, heaven and hell.  There is also a growing trend of curiosity of paranormal activity, ghosts and spirits.  We celebrate the holiday of Halloween that embrace some of this fascination.  It's no surprise that as more Americans learn about The Day of the Dead, more and more are taking part in this celebration of life and death, folklore and culture."